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What starter pay scale?have teaching experience in non-relevant subject.

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by oirfian, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. oirfian

    oirfian New commenter

    Thanks for the advice. I'm a Biologist unfortuneately. I will try for M2 and accept M1 if I like the place and they won't budge.
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    If you like the school and want the job, accept it and then say 'I wonder if there is any room for negotiation on starting pay?'. If they say no, close the subject gracefully. I don't recommend making it a deal breaker if it's a school you'd like to work in, because it might just break the deal!

  3. phatsals

    phatsals Senior commenter

    Have you actually qualified yet?
  4. I was lucky and offered M3 when I started my NQT (2010) - the school was awful mind so the M3 was a sweetener!
    I left after the first term and was offered M2 in my new position - a come down from the M3, but better than M1.
    I'm a biologist, but retrained to offer chemistry as a specialism - it also depends on what you have to offer.
    If you're offered a job, you can always ask, although as MM said, don't push it as a deal-breaker as it might come back and bite you!
  5. oirfian

    oirfian New commenter

    Thanks for the advice. I have not qualified yet. I'm an ITT. I would be starting in Sept when I will have qualified.
  6. oirfian

    oirfian New commenter

    Actully I think I have quite a lot to offer as I can teach Spanish due to living in Spain for 6 years and have a masters in Sports Science so could also teach P.E. I have also been teaching GCSE Phycics and A-Level Biology in my school placement. Those things should help when asking for M2.
  7. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    May I just stop you there, please?The fact that you have lived in Spain and doubtless speak Spanish doe NOT qualify you to teach Spanish.
    I am HoD MFL and currently looking for a maternity cover in Spanish: I am sick and tired of people applying for the job who speak Spanish and are qualified to teach something else. Unless you have a PGCE/GTP in MFL no self-respecting MFL will touch you with a barge pole as MFL teaching is very different to teaching anything else.
    Completely irrelevant. Again, this would bar you from being shortlisted by most 2ndary schools. TEFL is not the same as MFL to teenagers.
    "Relevant experience" is teaching in a compulsory sector, not TEFL to adults.
    Sorry to rain on your parade.
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Every trainee teacher in the UK can speak English, so no matter what their specialism they should all be able to expect a higher starting point as they'll all be able to teach English too!
  9. I thought that once you are on a paypoint you can't be reduced? Tht certainly has been the advice given when others have enquired about offering to work for less than m5 or m6 as they felt they were priced out of the market?
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    That was my reaction when I read MagisterArtium's post too! Once you are ona pay point, your pay cannot be downgraded for later work paid by an LA. It doesn't matter whether you were paid on M3 for a week, a term or an entire school year; no LA school can put you lower on the payscale.
  11. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Not really grounds for giving a pay increment, frankly.
    I'm not sure why you think teaching GCSE and A level on practice should boost you up the pay scale - there's no room in any pay policy I've ever had to do that.
    I'd concentrate on getting offered a job if I were you. You sound in real danger of talking yourself out of it.
  12. I'm primary so correct me if I'm wrong, but surely teaching GCSE and A-Level is a basic expectation of secondary teachers (and therefore trainees) so no grounds for additional pay? I realise science has the different specialisms, but if you are a biologist, surely teaching A Level biology is nothing special?!
    I agree with whoever said being able to speak Spanish does NOT mean you can teach it. However the person who compared this with every teacher being able to offer English as a subject is not being fair. Obviously English teachers are not teaching the basics of the language in the same way that Spanish teachers are for Spanish.
    I also question whether additional subjects are particularly relelvant to secondary schools for someone teaching a core subject such as science. Will you not have a full timetable anyway? I understand that a citizenship or business studies teacher may need to offer more subjects, but don't imagine the school would have planned in much time to fill for a science teacher.
    Good luck whatever you decide to do!
  13. Sorry MM, I quoted your quote so it looks like you said it! Obv this quote os from the OP.
  14. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    My comment was 'tongue-in-cheek', supporting the poster who who said that being able to speak Spanish did not mean that the OP would be able to teach it!
    I might just as easily have posted that all those who had travelled abroad could teach Geography!

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