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what sort of out of school activites do you run?

Discussion in 'English' started by flowapowa, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone. Just wondering what sort of out of school activities you run, if any. The English dept didnt tend to run any when I was in school and I'm just looking for ideas. Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to share their info.
  2. Hi everyone. Just wondering what sort of out of school activities you run, if any. The English dept didnt tend to run any when I was in school and I'm just looking for ideas. Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to share their info.
  3. Usual Englishy-type ones:
    Newspaper Club
    Book/Reading Groups
    Creative Writing Club
    Debating and public speaking

    I don't run all of them though!
  4. That's a great help. Thankyou :)
  5. I run a film club for ks4&5 (under 18's have letter signed at home allowing them to watch 15 and 18 certs) It has been been very successful. we discuss films they may have heard of and then decide what to watch next time or I suggest titles that I think they may enjoy and they decide from there.
    Good luck
  6. Boardgames such as Scrabble and Pictionary (Junior Pictionary).
  7. Digital English - making podcasts, advertisements, e-books, websites etc

  8. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    Hi Louise

    sounds fascinating = please enlighten me further!!

  9. all sound great. Thanks for sharing. I'm intrigued by podcasts?
  10. podcasts - making their own revision podcasts on texts or ways of writing, radio shows which are part of the unit ie adverts to stop people going chippying )Daz4Zoe). Readings and comments on poetry. Critical evaluation essays - read their own drafts and others then suggest things to change/add. Means they can do this online at home using MSN/bebo etc.

    Anything that needs sound really.

    http://www.podcastrevision.co.uk/Lit.html is a good site for some ideas.
  11. Computer games but with a difference. I use them to get my poorer writers to write instructions on how to play, creative writing on scenes within the game, personal writing on how they feel playing the game or the topics raised ie violence, war games etc and finally I get them to do reports on what they learnt in terms of writing skills, personal reflection and obviously summarising things for reports.

    A young lady in Australia did some fantastic stuff with a game called Samorost and the six thinking hats (de bono - not the sunglass wearing buffoon the intelligent one).

    Her afterthoughts are here.


    If anyone wants the unit with the PowerPoints, the game and background stuff email me on dat@cabarfeidh.com
  12. Advertisements - looked at various including M&S - the language used and then created our own with similar concept about ourselves i.e. It's not just Jo, it's Jo Bloggs. The speeches were written with a strong descriptive emphasis, these were recorded, images were created with digital cameras against black bacgrounds. The images and sound were added together along with some classical music with brilliant results.
    We have also looked at the advertisement for a film rental company which incorporates clips of various other films and puts them altogether to create a meaningful clip - sorry, can't remember the company name at the minute - we are creating a similar one to advertise the school itself with clips taken from recordings of school plays that have previously been recorded.

    We have made a collection of poetry - concentrating on different types each week. Students are presently in the editing process before their favourites are added to an e-book - first time I've done this so I can't really comment on the success of it yet - but the process has been enjoyed so far.

    Revision podcasts have been created to help with upcoming exams. Students have enjoyed deciding what to record to help them revise and the whole process has been revision in itself. Short recordings were made i.e. what AFOREST stands for, and were then bluetoothed to individuals in the group.

    Everything that we have done this year will be added to a website that the group are creating. This is the first time we have done this and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I don't have lesson plans as such but I do have a breakdown of everything we have done if you want a copy.

  13. changing the setting of learning away from a child's normal classroom setting, usually encourages them to learn, due to new experiences which causes inquisitiveness

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