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What songs do you sing with your reception class?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by livenkickin, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Hi
    I'm trying tro compile a list of songs i could sing with my reception class next year when we need some time fillers.The plan is to make a little card for each song and put them into a box. When we have time a child picks out of the box and we then sing the song- with resources if i can get them sorted.
    I have the basic 5 little speckled frogs, old macdonald, 5 little men etc.
    Would appreciate any other suggestions once i have them sorted i will add them to resource bank.
  2. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

  3. Danousia

    Danousia New commenter

    an idea that i saw it on here which worked well - a song bag [​IMG]
    we made a song bag that had a few items in it e.g. a star for twinkle twinkle, a duck for 5 little ducks, a spider for incy wincy, a bus for the wheels on the bus etc
    the children got to pull out an item and suggest a song we can sing about it

  4. I love this idea! am going to make a song bag! thanks for sharing[​IMG]
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Please please don't use ********** you are supporting a twice convicted paedophile
  6. teacherof30

    teacherof30 New commenter

    I have a song box and my class loved it. I used to also give out two or three puppets at song time to children who were sitting well which was a good incentive - the puppets sing along too LOL!

    In the box we have a wind up mouse, a star, a number 9 (Dr Knickerbocker), a dolly (miss Polly), a frog, a doggy (how much is that doggy in the window), incy wincy spider, a black sheep, oh and an Old McDonald glove puppet. There are probably more I'm forgetting I got some resources from Ebay for this and a lovely friend bought me some for Christmas.

    Songs my class love:
    Dr Knickerbocker (and I downloaded the wiggles version of itunes for them to sing along to)
    Pirate song (When I was one....the day I went to see, I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the captain said to me etc )
    10 little Indians
    The Frog song (mm, mm went the little green frog one day)
    I'm a greedy crocodile
    Slippery Fish (American song, brilliant!)

    Basically anything silly grabs them straight away - they still love the old favourites too though. I'm always on the hunt for new songs as we sing every day and I just love it!
  7. Earl Davids wife

    Earl Davids wife New commenter

    Ditto Msz - I cringe every time I see his name knowing what he's done and been jailed for not once but TWICE.
    Skip to my Lou
    Do your ears hang low
    Nicky Nacky Noo song
  8. When I was in reception, their favourites were the pirate song (when I was one etc), but sung in a piratey voice with lots of actions and silly variations on the rhymes, also the song gonna build a house (I think I heard it on Tweenies at some point). I love that song as it is quite funky and I added lots of moves. The other one they love most of all is called Ants in your Pants which is a song by an American woman called Johnette Downing. Such a fab song. She also does a great dixieland jaxx cd for children with some great dances on it. Ooh and she also does a great scarf song cd. I use a lot of chiffon scarves for the children to use when doing dance and she has some great songs for that. Another song they loved was Peter hammers with one hammer, singing up and down to five, sitting on the floor using hands, feet and head to count.
    Mine also liked parachute songs outside. We did five little monkeys with little finger puppet monkeys or balls. We flung the parachute up and down and tried to fling the monkeys off, then put the right number back on and counted down etc. Another song here was humpty dumpty with a finger puppet humpty. The children hold the parachute really still, listening for when we get to 'fall'. They then try and fling him off. I also played the socks in the washing goes round and round (passing parachute round and round) the vests in the washing float up and down (float parachute up and down) and the pants in the washing goes shudder shudder shudder (children all hold parachute and shudder it from side to side). Done to the tune of the wheels on the bus.
    Sorry a bit off topic I know, but I am no longer teaching in reception and I loved the singing!
  9. Hi
    There are some great books in The Works at the moment - 4 books for £5. I have just bought 'Five little ducks and other action rhymes; 'Round and round the garden and other hand rhymes' and 'Ten in the bed and other counting rhymes'. Each book contains about 25 songs! Great just to have to hand when your mind has gone blank at the end of a busy day!
  10. barneymusician3

    barneymusician3 New commenter

    I squeeze a little extra out of each song as once they familiar with it we can add learning extensions. For example, with "If You're Happy and you know it" I get them to choose the action ("no shouting out, hands in the air, what action shall we do first?"). The replies vary from the standard ones like "clap your hands" through to hilariously random like "tell the time" or just lovely like "hug a friend"....THEN..when we've done at least four rounds with actions I do a final one with ALL the actions one after another like "If your'e happy and you know it turn around...hug a friend...say I am...tell the time...if you're happy etc etc".

    For Heads and Shoulders we go from very very slow to bonkers fast (they LOVE that!), THEN we do it BACKWARDS (I challenge you!) THEN we do it in SPANISH or FRENCH or in fact any language that one of the children might speak and know those body parts for - I all in for getting them teaching too!

    Silly songs are good too - I do a version of John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance" but it's promoting good eating of a lesser known food so I have them all with their hands in the air chanting "All we are saaaaying....is give PEAS a chance"....

    Barney Green - Primary Music and ICT, 25 years experience, ex-pupil of Ivor Cutler...:)
  11. zippygeorgeandben

    zippygeorgeandben Occasional commenter

    Agree with all the suggestions above but it also depends on how confident you are in teaching new songs, having the time to teach new songs and being able to hold a tune yourself.
    My class at school are known for their variety of songs. We've just had our class assembly which incorporated plenty of songs. I recommend using the out of the ark series for songs as well as the singing sherlock books.
    We've just been on a farm trip so decided to sing a song called 'You wouldn't have a pig as a pet'. Fitted perfectly, about 90 seconds long and the parents loved it!

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