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What skills can you bring to this role?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by bubble12, May 26, 2020.

  1. bubble12

    bubble12 New commenter

    How would you answer that question if given at an interview?

    Many thanks


    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    Dunno. What skills CAN you bring to it?

    Its a pretty standard question. Just describe what you think the ideal teacher is in three skills and demonstrate that you have them. For myself, I'd say - huge enthusiasm for the subject, a very high level of organisation and a real commitment to my students and employers.
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  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    How would I answer that?

    I’d talk about the skills gained during my years of Headship of a very large school, those acquired as Vice-Principal of a F.E. College, even what I learned as a Senior Lecturer at a University teaching B.Ed and PGCE students.

    From which you will have realised two things. Apart from the fact that I’m an awkward lady!:)

    Firstly, that it’s no use knowing how I, or anyone else, would answer. You need your own answer.

    And secondly, that getting answers to interview questions from forums, websites or books (Amazing Answers To Interview Questions!!!) is not a good idea. Another candidate could have seen those suggested answers too, and trotted them out in the interview immediately before you begin to trot them out too!

    Nice one, Sebregis, but now, Bubble, you can't say that because so may everyone else who is on TES reading this. Including possibly the Headteacher. :( You'll need to think of your own ideas and word them for yourself.

    Overall, it sounds to me as though you’re panicking a little here. Quite understandable! The prospect of an interview is quite daunting.

    Best to go for a different, more intelligent, form of preparation, and don’t learn off by heart the answers to loads of questions.

    Draw mind maps for the major areas that are likely to come up in discussion. Curriculum, classroom management, planning, safeguarding, etc. Do some question practice, thinking of the mind maps, not trying to remember an answer you've prepared. Sit in front of a mirror and answer questions while smiling at yourself, to see how you come over. Do you need to sit up straighter, are you frowning while you think, that sort of thing.

    While you're getting to grips with Zoom, Meet, Teams or whatever, you can do a mock interview with a friend and actually record it.

    For the question you ask, have you done an E.S. (Executive Summary) for this post? There’s a template I’ve put on the TES Resources that will help with the format. In that you put in the LH column what they’re looking for, and in the RH one your evidence.

    Because your answer of what you can bring is not really general, they mean “What can you bring that we need?”. Your wide experience of schools with high percentage of students from different ethnic groups, and ability to communicate with parents in three community languages, would impress more in Tower Hamlets than in Torquay!

    More interview tips HERE.

    So now start thinking hard about what’s so special about you. The link above talks about your USPS, (which is what Segrebis gave above) and that’s what you need to concentrate on to answer this.

    Wishing you lots of luck!

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