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What should the main purpose of education be? Share your thoughts with the Education Committee

Discussion in 'Primary' started by HouseOfCommons, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. HouseOfCommons

    HouseOfCommons New commenter

    What should the main purpose of education be? What should young people be taught to fulfil that purpose? Share you thoughts here and inform the House of Commons Education Committee.

    The Education Committee is holding an inquiry into the purpose and quality of education in England. The Education Committee would like to hear your views on what the education system is for.

    Key Questions
    • What should the purpose of education for children of all ages in England should be?
    • What measures should be used to evaluate the quality of education against this purpose and how well the current education system performs against these measures?
    • How much of a focus should there be on preparing young people for employment through focusing on skills such as numeracy and literacy?
    • What role should the education system play in developing 'soft' skills, such as leadership and communication?
    • How much should education prepare people for adult life in terms of areas such as healthy relationships and personal finance?

    This is your chance to have your say and get involved in the work of Parliament!

    Find out more about the Education Committee's inquiry into the purpose of education.
  2. Bajan-night

    Bajan-night Occasional commenter

    Just reading the 'key questions' hurt my brain.
  3. HouseOfCommons

    HouseOfCommons New commenter

    On Wednesday 2 March from 9.30am, the House of Commons Education Select Committee will hear evidence from HM Chief Inspector of Education as part of its inquiry into the purpose and quality of education in England.

    The Committee will hear from:
    • Sir Michael Wilshaw, HM Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills, Ofsted
    • Sean Harford, National Director, Education, Ofsted
    The Committee will question Sir Michael Wilshaw on areas such as:
    • The purpose of education and Ofsted's role
    • The quality of education in England and areas of weakness identified by Ofsted
    • The role and future of Ofsted
    • The ongoing structural changes within the education system
    Watch the session on Parliament TV.

  4. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    Children should be equipped with the important skills needed to get them through life first and foremost with the three r's topping the list. I believe that spoken English needs to be given special attention too as your spoken English is usually the first thing which people meet when they meet someone.
  5. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I trained as a secondary teacher in 1981. I taught in six schools and worked for several years as a senior officer for a Local Authority. I was a headteacher in two high schools for more than 10 years.

    But successive governments, especially since 2010, have finally done it: they've knocked every bit of caring about education out of me - because they've taken absolutely NO notice of teachers and continued to proceed blithely with their own, uninformed agendas.

    The CBI et al were complaining about standards 25 years ago and they're still complaining now - nearly 30 years after the meddling started with the original Education Reform Act and all its successors in meddling.

    They've destroyed what education should be for children - and now they're asking "what the main purpose of education should be"? Is this some sort of joke? We all know they will take NO notice of any opinion that doesn't equate entirely with what they already think and plan to do.
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