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What should I pack for my honeymoon?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by egyptgirl, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    I normally book and sort out our holidays too so maybe this is his way of doing something nice for me? I'd just like to know what kind of climate to pack for!
  2. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    This is probably the sort of thing my partner would do - he is always booking us surprise holidays and only tells me where a few weeks before (so we can do our routine of reading guide books etc).
    If I was you I would do what someone else suggested, pack the basics (underwear etc) and then 3 piles - warm city with layers, hot beach and cooler/uk type pile. He can then put the correct pile in your bag and you don't even need to look if he wants to keep it THAT secret. If not he has to at least tell you the climate - you might pack bikini's and you end up in Scotland!
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Your explanation sounds more like a process of elimination!
    I'd ask if there will be laundry facilities where you're going. If so, you can then take cold and warm weather clothing and wash whatever you end up wearing.
    Swimwear and towel are things you'd pack for all sorts of climates as there might be a hotel pool. Underwear and toiletrieswill both be required. You'd take a jacket or fleece even for warm countries as it can get chilly in the evenings.
    Co-ordinate colours so that you can cut down on footwear. For most trips I take a pair of trainers, a pair of semi-dressy shoes and a pair of sandals. Flip fops will work as slippers if you don't need them for a beach.
    Take clothing that can be layered to provide extra warmth.
    Or simply demand to know where the destination is!

  4. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    back when we were DINKY we used to book surprise weekends away - you only found out at the check-in desk/motorway junction where you were going: great fun!!
  5. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    I think I'll just go with the general consensus of the basics and making up some clothes parcels. Who knew packing for your honeymoon could be so complicated?!

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