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What should I do?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by juliegary, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. I had a brain haemorrhage last year and have been off sick since then. I was initially contacted by all staff whilst in hospital & during the first couple of weeks on my return home. i went into school (after children had left) & was welcomed by all. Everyone thought that as I looked okay, then I must be! I was invited to the Christmas show but unfortunately was rushed to hospital on that particular day. Once home, I sent my apologies by text and asked if I could visit to take presents for my class, this was agreed but when I arrived I was told by the head that in future I must not us text but refer to the school's absence policy and telephone when visiting.
    I wanted to return to work in May, with the guidance of occupational health & my GP but the head said that it would be better to return in June. I was asked to get signed off until then, which I did.
    It was decided by occupational health that I would initially start on 1 morning a week for a fortnight then work up to 2 days, then review how I was coping as brain injuries are very hard to define as to what I can do until I try. To cut a long story short, I went in for my first morning with no greeting from my headteacher or secretary! I had a meeting with the head who told me I could work in her office looking at notes for the groups of children I would be working with. I gave her a report from brain injury group showing where my brain was damaged, I also explained that they would be willing to come into school to help the school to make adjustments
    At breaktime, I chatted to the meals delivery man about a personal issue (he is a neighbour of mine) I then worked in the ICT suite looking for resources to use for my subsequent phased return morning. Whilst there, a member of staff how I was & I replied that I felt left out on a limb. I went home at lunch time after saying goodbye to the head. Once home I burst into tears as I felt completely alienated from the rest of the staff.
    I went in the following week only to be hauled into the head's office and told that if I was upset, I should go to her not talk to others, that I had only been back for one morning and had disrupted the whole school, I had not emailed planning to the teacher I was going to be supporting and generally made to feel that I was a complete inconvenience.
    I went to the class that I waas supporting and was told that all the activities I had planned were not suitable & I should have emailed them first, then I could have changed them. I managed to complete my second morning, working with the children was fine but the lack of emotional understanding really upset me.
    I felt under immense stress following this which caused me to have a migraine over the weekend, I could not sleep and therefore could not go to school the following day. My doctor signed me off for a week and my brain therapist said she would arrange a meeting with the school, along with my union rep & occupational health. They were all in favour of me returning to work on a phased return in September but the head was not willing, saying she would have to speak to governors.
    I have since emailed the head, stating that I am attending rehabilitation over the summer as well as brain injury education weekly. Am I being bullied because of my illness?
  2. I would suggest conversing seriously with your Union.
    Get this thread pulled NOW.
    Too much info to get yoursekf idnetified.
    In anbswer to your question - make sure that any further dialogue is in a written format betwene you and your HT.
    It would appear that the HT may not wish to welcome you with open arms and as such you need to have all the support you can from OH, Union etc.
    You may iwsh to consider discussing the matters with appropriate depts re DDA etc.
  3. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    Tell everything you have told us here to your union and take care of yourself. Hope things improve for you.

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