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What should I buy them?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by pigginkt, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    I'm leaving my current school next week and want to buy the children a present each. I've only got 5 in my class as it's an EBD school. I'm really gonna miss them!
    Problem is when I got them all some chocolate for Christmas they were less than impressed and told me it wasn't a very good gift etc etc. which I kind of expected as they're a tough crowd to please, but it was still ungrateful so they got nothing and I gave all the chocolate to the one boy who seemed genuinely chuffed and said thank you. So.. do I bother this time?
    I think I'd feel a bit mean not getting them anything... but I don't want to spend loads and them not appreciate it?
    Would you bother?
  2. bnm


    Personally, I wouldn't bother.
    I take ingratitude but the once.
  3. Why not write each one of them a letter saying how much you have enjoyed getting to know them, working with them, mention their good points and strengths, tell them you'll miss them and express your hopes for their future - that kind of thing....
  4. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

  5. Thirded
  6. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    How rude of them, teach them some manners by not buying them anything. Just give them a little card/note each as detailed above.
  7. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    EBD or not, no excuse for such bad manners.
  9. Aha. I spot a good opportunity for a wee lecture here - something along the lines of....when I bought you chocolate at Christmas and you all said it was a rubbish gift, that hurt my feelings not to mention my wallet because I bought it out of my own money.... so I have decided not to give you a farewell present; instead I have written you all a card/letter......
    Bad manners, certainly - but who do they have to teach them good manners? Perhaps they might just learn something from that? No? Oh well, it was just a thought.

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