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What should i be doing/buying in preperation for my PGCE?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by vuittonprincess, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. I saw this laminator and bought it after seeing the above post. I haven't tried it out yet though.
    I have also been trying to stock up on files, poly pockets and pens, along with replenishing my childrens' pencil cases.
    I was also wondering whether we need to provide pens for the board in class, and if so, is there a type we should, or should not, be getting?
  2. Not too sure whether you will definatley need them or not. If you do get them you will need to make sure the are dry wipe/ non-permenant. otherwise I think the class teacher/ HT might have an issue with it lol

  3. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    I don't think you'll 'need' whiteboard markers, but from working in a school I can tell you that they go missing/run out of ink just when you need them, so I would say there's no harm in bringing your own!
  4. Yes, carry your own whiteboard markers - and don't lend them to anyone else and make sure you never use them on IWB!
  5. I got some whiteboard markers, pens and pencils the other day to go with all my own stationery (folders, subject dividers, plastic wallets, Post-It notes, small notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, coloured pencils, felt tips, highlighters, sellotape, scissors, Pritt Stick, ruler, rubber, sharpener.....) I figured whiteboard markers were as a good idea as I never seemed able to find working ones when I did SAS or helped out in schools, and the extra pens and pencils to lend to the kids who will inevitably forget theirs. Good thing I love stationery shopping- is that a teacher thing or am I just an uber geek?? [​IMG]
  6. I ordered The Teacher's Planner diary from here and the academic wall planner after seeing your post. They arrived today and I am really happy with them. Can't wait to get using my diary! How sad am I?
  7. Yay glad my recommedation was a good one; they are really good quality! I have already started using my diary, you are not sad in the slightest, I am a big stationery obsessive:)
  8. I thought we will be given those diaries....Do I need to buy one?
  9. You probably will be given a University diary and there is no need to buy one I'm sure but I love my stationery and just like having stuff which is a bit different (plus my diary is larger and has more sections than my standard uni diary.
    I'm sorry if I made it sound like you need to buy your own diary/wallplanner; you don't!
  10. That's ok, Just wanted to know whether I had to dash to the stationary shop -AGAIN
  11. A very good thread! I already have a wall planner (from WH Smiths) and a diary i got before finished previous course- just need to buy folders now but not sure how many to get? I presume 1 for qts standards, 1 for uni notes and 1 (or 3 normal ones) for subject knowledge? Im starting my pgce in secondary science so it will only be bio/phy and chem subjects so probably 1 big folder? I have started practising the skills tests and defiantly recommend everyone to start too.

    eek nervous but excited at the same time as not to sure what's gonna happen when i start first placement !! sure the uni will give me info beforehand :)

    Jen xx
  12. Hi jennybenny25,

    I've just finished my PGCE and found that I was drowning in folders! Not just from lessons I'd taught but also resources I'd collected from the schools I was placed at. I'd recommend starting off with a file for each year group you?ll be teaching (i went all colour co-ordinated) as well as one for uni notes.

    Good luck ? it possibly the most fun you?ll ever have whilst being stressed (it must be like childbirth ? afterwards the pain and exhaustion is forgotten!)

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