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What should i be doing/buying in preperation for my PGCE?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by vuittonprincess, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    I'm starting a SCITT and I am moving in with 3 other girls I met at the interview. I think it is better to live with people on the same course so you get support. As for finding these people:
    1) Facebook! Honestly if you do a search or set up a gropu. A girl I know found 4 people to move to Bedford with.
    2) Websites dedicated to students sharing such as: spareroom.co.uk, accommodationforstudents.com; unite-students.com etc. Searching online will come up with a lot.
    3) Contact your Uni they may be able to put you in contact with people or something. At my interview we had the option of giving contact details and being contacted by people on the course for housing purposes.

    Good luck
  2. Thanks Steph! That's great info. I was considering setting up a group on fb last night actually so will definitely do that now!
    Everyone at my interview was lovely but we didn't end up swapping info and I know a lot lived in the area or were going to commute. I posted on the prospective student forum to try and find some but no joy....facebook it is! :eek:)
    Thanks again
  3. I've just had a good ol' clear through all my stationary and the masses of folders etc I seem to have collected over 4 years of university so far. Think I'm pretty much set for September aside from a new diary/planner and some file paper. :)
  4. Hi, as a condition of my course I have to do a 2,000 word diary observation of my placement. Could anyone tell me what they are wanting from this because the letter isn't very clear. Is it just to prove I've done the placement? Thanks!
  5. I'm starting at YSJ in September too - doing Upper Primary. It's all a bit scary!!!
  6. Have you looked at studios? I've looked at a view on the net and in Huddersfield and Leeds your looking at around £5500 for the year inc bills.
    I lived in two shared houses at uni and although its ok I def prefer having my own space. No one keeping you awake at bed time, not having to clean up other people's mess, being able to decorate how you want - BLISS
    Plus at 26 I feel a bit too old for the sharing game

  7. Takeaway-Resources

    Takeaway-Resources New commenter

    If anyone is interested in getting some PGCE books I am selling mine - http://www.amazon.co.uk/shops/weblet_h
    I've just finished my PGCE and these were all on our reading lists. If I can answer any PGCE related questions please feel free to ask :)
  8. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    I'm interested! I had a look and purchased too!
  9. Hi Gem,
    I was planning on getting a netbook for its portability and use in those 'downtime' moments you might have to keep on top of journals etc. Did you find them okay for typing and was there anything you couldn't do with one?

    I realise the differences but it would be interesting to hear 'how' you used it? A laptop just seems too big and netbooks are so much cheaper too!
  10. Netbook has no optical drive (CD/DVD), so may be a disadvantage if you want to access or record in that media. USB memory stick will in most cases be a good alternative. Some netbooks have decent keyboard - such as Samsung or Asus Eee. Always try out in a shop before buying. Also try to add more memory - minimum 1GB, 2GB is better. Check memory configuration and available slots. Computing power is no real concern for the sort of uses you are going to put it, and will be capable of driving IWB with suitable software. Check available connections -some IWBs require monitor socket.
  11. I bought a netbook for my PGCE (a Dell Mini) and it's brilliant. Keyboard is not too different, and as I use it a lot I've adjusted. My Uni has wireless throughout the campus so I have net access whilst I'm there. I also purchased an external hard-drive to use alongside it. I don't store ANYTHING on the netbook - it all goes on the hard-drive, so that when I'm working at home, or at school, or even on uni pcs if I don't take my netbook or need to print, then everything is easily accessible. I can also use a portion of the ext memory for Readyboost and can back it all up easily to my home pc for security. If you do need a CD/DVD drive, these can be bought seperately, but anything I need on CD such as installation files etc.. I copy to my HD using my home pc, then to the netbook. I also got the IWB software for my school installed on it to allow me to plan away from school for IWB activities.
    One of the main advantages I've found is the desk space it takes up is minimal, so when in a seminar or lecture, I can still use it where space is tight, whereas other students have had to leave their laptops in the bag due to lack of deskspace [​IMG]... obviously that is alongside the reduced shoulder strain!
  12. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    You wont need loads of folders; the paperwork you're going to be producing is either lesson plans/evaluations (total 3 sheets A4 per lesson and can all be held electronically) or is stuff you're going to be putting in front of your learners.
    And you'll be doing most of that on the school photocoipers.
    What you will need is loads and loads of pens & pencils (if secondary) as you'll have at least 3 kids in every lesson who haven't got one and you'll not see most of the ones you lend out ever again. Visit IKEA, Argos or a betting shop for those [​IMG]
  13. My uni has told me I have to buy 14 ringbinders, my house is overflowing!
  14. [hl]

    We'd better all take out some shares in WHSmith I think!
  15. Not ringbinders with two small rings, but lever-arch files, each about 3" thick!
  16. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    I agree!
    I'm starting a SCITT and I have about 20 lever arch folders! [​IMG]
    One for each big subject like English, Maths, Science but things like Art and Art & Design are paired (for now) in a folder together. I've already started putting information (subject knowledge) into the folders and believe me it fills up quickly so you will need a lot and a sturdy bookshelf [​IMG]
  17. About lever-arch files:
    Don't buy cheap ones from Poundland or the economy range from Asda or Wilkinson. They have weak lever-arch mechanism that won't stand the test of time once the files get heavier. Spend around £4 each on good ones (A4 size) from established stationery makers like Rexel or Leitz (best, used in many offices). Modern ones made of hard plastic are also good. If you are buying in bulk, get mail order from Viking Direct - free overnight delivery from £30 (ex-VAT) or Euroffice. Viking executive range is decent and quite sturdy.
  18. No, I only need two of them for my placements.
    I feel like it's unnecessary buying 14 files but most of them I had already from University so it hasn't cost much.
  19. Damn, I bought mine in Asda, Wilkinsons and Poundland! To be fair some of them have lasted 3 years and still going strong.
  20. I got a letter today telling me to buy 14 lever arch files by the start of term.... seems slightly excessive to suggest I will need that many as soon as the course starts.

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