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What should i be doing/buying in preperation for my PGCE?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by vuittonprincess, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. WOW thanks for all the resource websites! Fab :) x
  2. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Learn to spell preparation? ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist!

    I wouldn't bother buying many 'teaching' books until you start the course and see exactly what you need and which ones you can borrow from the library. One thing that would be a good idea is to read a large selection of children's books-picture books/chapter books/non-fiction books. Then, when it comes to planning units of work, you will already know of some books that are useful and relevant to certain areas-etc Vikings/life cycles/rhyming books/books about the days of the weeks? This might also help you to suggest good books to children/parents if children in your class are reluctant to read etc

  3. Thatsmyloaf

    Thatsmyloaf New commenter

    I'll ask it here since this is the only page I can access on the forum :(
    Was I the only one bummed out by the article about PGCE students in the TES today - it said that PGCE students were having awful times following their courses and massivly in debt

    Certainly made me, the soon-to-be student feel fantastic :(
  4. Oh dear, I don't like the sound of that! I'm already massively in debt and haven't even started yet...
  5. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    It's depressing, isn't it? The number of jobs seem to be so few and far between-there were 150 applicants for a KS2 job at my school recently! People sem to be leaving their PGCE/GTP courses and are unable to get work and then get clobbered by the 16 month supply/induction malarkly whilst watching cover supervisors (who haven't got a 4 year debt incurred whilst training!) working in schools-grrrr!
    Have you looked in your area to see what jobs are available?

  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    A coffee mug for the staffroom!
  7. Hi there I am coming to the end of my final placement now and have had a great year!
    Over the summer i'd say enjoy the freedom of being able to do what you want when you want and also as others have said stock up on all your folders, pens, pencils etc and also clear out/sort out your wardrobe- do you have enough school clothes and shoes to see you through? Ooo on that note get a decent pair of shoes! I am renowned for owning nearly 200 pairs of shoes but the amount of heels I have gone through walking to school this year is rediculous! I generally buy sheap and cheerful (and often brightly coloured) shoes but recently I invested in some expensive Faith ones and these heels seem to be wearing at a slower rate.........
    Once you start the course it is the small things that make life easier...... I am mega organised so this may sound strange but before I go to bed at night I always have my lunch in the fridge, dinner prepared in the slow cooker ready to switch on in the morning, bag packed by the door and dare I say it my outfit hanging on the wardrobe (complete with underwear!!!)
    Never stay up late either. You need your sleep! I have been VERY lucky in that I have only come home with school work a few times (I do get to school early and work on my laptop every spare moment I get) and I generally go to bed at half ten.
    Meet up with friends that you make on your course regularly to- they will be the only people in your life that will get equally excited about a piece of homework handed to you on time etc and then at least you won't bore your friends and family as much!
    Good luck with it all!!
  8. Thanks so much for this thread.

    I'm starting my EY PGCE at Manchester Met in September and am super excited... but also getting really, quite nervous about coping with the workload, so this thread is dimming those alarm bells in my head. Practical tips is just what I need at the moment. Keep the advice coming.

    So far I have got:

    Buy shares in WH. Smiths, for all the stationary I'll need.

    Don't waste money on buying books until I'm sure I really need them for the course.

    Try to take time out once a week to make contact with my loved ones... which brings me on to being super organised, which really worries me. Scatty seems to be my middle name, these days!
  9. I had a flu jab at my local ASDA as soon as they were offering them. It only cost me £8 and it was well worth the money! I haven't had a cold or flu all winter despite a large number of them going round my placement schools :)
  10. Great thread!

    It's brilliant to read people saying positive things about their PGCEs. Everytime I mention I am doing a PGCE someone tells me it's the worst decision I could make/I'll be ill for a year/my life is over/kids are awful etc etc. While I understand it'll be a tough year, I've never had so many negative comments in my life, it's not quite the response you want to "I've just handed in my notice to do a PGCE in September".

    So far I've bought a new laptop (I'm doing secondary ICT so I think it's necessary) and external hardrive, I'm considering software4students for all the software I'll need. I could wait till I'm teaching but I want to spend a lot of the coming months going back over software I haven't used for a while.

    I've been told a big diary, wall planner, post-its and pens are the most important things. It seems to be all about the organisation. I think I might invest in a slow cooker too, not sure my housemates will want to cook for me for the whole year.

    Question to those of you who are already doing your PGCEs or are fully fledged teachers, when people say the days on placement are long, how long are we talking? I quite often work 12 hour days from about 7:30 at the moment (my company like to push their employees somewhat) and have been assuming this will be good preparation for uni but what do you think?
  11. I aim to get to school about 7.30 most mornings and leave before 4 on non meeting and club days, 5 otherwise. I get all my work done in this time.
    It really varies from student to student though, most of my friends are working till late at night!
  12. At the end of my interview I asked what preparation I could do between now and Sept and was told to look at the examining boards websites. Also as I have a fair idea whereabouts I'm going to be placed since discussing it at interview (based on where the uni is, where I live, and where they have lots of contacts) I looked up all the websites of the schools in that area.
    My top tip though is to get fit as I always find I'm healthier, more energentic and mentally stronger when I'm physically fit.
  13. Thank you to everyone that has left tips and advice on here so far, it really has helped. I am starting an EY PGCE in september (Sheffield Hallam) and am starting to feel the nerves about the workload I have ahead of me, alongside the excitement of the fact I have finally got onto a PGCE.
    I am lucky enough to have a few friends that have done tecahing/PGCEs so I know I have friends I can moan to who will understand but I am looking forward to making new friends who will know what I am going on about. I have warned my boyfriend that I will be a bit emotional for the 9 months from September and so I hope he is prepared! lol
    I have bought a selection of the books on my reading list, maybe i should have waited but i feel happier having my own copies so I know i can stick things/make notes alongside the parts i find relevant.
    Do I have to wait until I start my PGCE to apply for the QTS key skills tests then? I am worried about these as i have a friend who struggled with the maths and I know that is my weak area.
    I will be asking in my local WHSmiths can i take out shares in order to keep stocked up on the stationary, but the advice abotu going to the fairs at the start of the academic year has been noted--any freebies I can get I will.
    The list of useful websites has been noted so thanks for that. I have a few others I was advised to use by my old primary school teacher who has also been a great help/support to me in my application:
    I have recently invested in a laptop, not just because of getting onto a PGCE (although it was a factor) and have been wondering if it is worth me taking it into school with me when on placement? Is there time in the school day to get some work done?
  14. You can't book your skills tests until you are registered and get log-in details from GTC via your uni. This should be soon after you start, so get cracking asap.
    Whether you want to take your laptop into schools depends on many factors - e.g. availability of PC for students (some do, others don't), how you travel (if you have a car that's easy) and if you prefer to get more work down in school. Even then you may not need your own PC as you can save files to your USB memory stick (get two and make a backup). There should be a PC in each classroom hooked up to data projector and IWB, so all you need to do is to upload your files from your USB stick. Most of your own work has to be done before and after school hours. It's common for teachers to stay on till 5 or 6, and there should be time for you to do your work, prepare lessons and resources, do evaluations, other paperwork and work for your assignments.
  15. life2teach

    life2teach New commenter

    Hi all
    I'm starting a SCITT in September and so far I have most of the stationary, an academic diary, folders etc. I still need a new laptop and printer.
    Does anyone know where I can get a wall planner from??
  16. You should join the teaching unions when you start in September (NUT, NASUWT and ATL) and they all give a free wall planner (or they did last year).

    Otherwise you can get them quite cheaply in the Works or Card Warehouse or for more money in Smiths or Partners.
  17. hehe, your last sentance made me lol Injins [​IMG]
    As many have already said...great thread, great advice and definitely great to hear all the positives :eek:)
    Not really in line with buying equipment/preparing but I wondered if anyone has any advice on best accommodation option?! I will have to move and I am unbelievably stressed about finding somewhere :eek:/
    At 29 I don't really fancy the idea of going into halls and I'm not really sure how renting a room in a house would work out...if it was with other PGCE students I think it could be good but how do I find out about who else is looking etc?
    I've posted on the prospective student forum but only had one reply and as you guys are living through it at the mo I figured you have first hand experience of it!
    Thanks in advance :eek:)
  18. shooting star: I am also having to move to start my course and as i live with my boyfriend halls wasn't an option for me - also at 27 i felt that i would be too old to be part of the whole student thing all over again.
    Have you tried looking on your universitys website, i went on (Sheffield Hallam) and there was an accomodation link which then led me to independent landlords/ladys who rent flats/houses to students. There was the option to tick my preferences (how many rooms/sharing and the cost i was willing to pay). I then contacted the landlords and was able to arrange viewings. You may find though at this point in the year there will be limited spaces for where you are able to rent.
    Another option would be to go through private agencies within the area you are going. however this would be more expensive than "student" renting. Good luck
  19. Thanks HTM, I have done that yes. There are a lot of places still left but as I cannot afford to live on my own :eek:( I will have to share and this is what concerns me.
    Was wondering more about peoples experience of renting 'a room in a shared house' as it were. How they have found living with people they don't know initially, other peoples noise/stress/crazy habits (lol) whilst coping with the PGCE course?

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