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What should children's work show at interview?

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by Beetucks, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. I have been applying for primary teaching jobs and most schools expect to see a portfolio or children's work. I wasn't expecting this and didn't bring any from my previous job. I have registered for supply and hope to be able to get some suitable pieces of work. What do the panel want to see?
  2. Have you any photos of your last classroom displays? Any examples of work on pendrive/disk etc that you were working on at home that you could use? I had old mavica disks in a drawer with some nice pics and I also found some work that I had edited for the school magazine that I had forgotten all about. If you don't have anything I wouldn't worry too much about it, not every candidate has a portfolio.
  3. Katie_Morag

    Katie_Morag New commenter

    I was reading this and something occured to me and I just thought I'd post it. I'm sure you've thought of this but make sure that the work doesn't have childrens names on it or refer directly to the school etc. (e.g. school address on example of letter writing) so that the childrens identities are protected and everything remains confidential.
    I would say writing would be a main kind of work they'd like to see. Pick things that YOU can talk about. Make sure you can justify why it's there and what learning took place to get there.
  4. Flyonthewall75

    Flyonthewall75 New commenter

    That's interesting. Most LAs in Scotland used to rely on a standard application form when selecting candidates for interview in order to comply with equal opportunities legislation.
    If they are now asking for examples of children's work, does that mean they are assessing the ability of the teacher by the ability of the pupils?
    Unless the interview panel have seen a range of work, in the context of a school, it would be very difficult to draw any firm conclusions about the ability of the teacher from self-selected samples of work.
    Indeed, it would also be very easy for a candidate to select only the best work or to even fabricate the evidence. Is anyone going to check?
    Whilst I'm sure most teachers would try to be honest at interview, I have lost count of the number of 'Records of Pupil Achievement' I have read through, containing coloured charts, tick sheets and work samples, that bear little relation to the knowledge or ability of the pupil.

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