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What shall I knit now? And what are you knitting?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gorgybaby, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. I have been doing headbands this holiday. I haven't got loads of quantities of anything really. I must have 30 hats done and ready to go, About as many scarves. I could do a baby blanket, I have enough for that. I could do another scarf. Don't feel like doing a headband. I could also push the boat out and start a throw (http://www.cucumberpatch.co.uk/perugino_throw_kits.htm), as long as I can find enough toning stuff. I also do fancy knitting in sari ribbon, I started a bag in sari silk a while ago but don't feel like finishing it.
    I do have some of that eyelash yarn, i might just do a scarf in that until I decide.
    Hhmm, not the most enervating post, I'll grant you.

  2. Well if it's any help, I'm doing a jumper from DROPS design, and very labourious it is too. On 2.75 needles and with cabling. Mind it would help if the pattern was written in English standard.
    But I like it. I think you should finish one thing before going onto another though.
    Knitting is my tranquilliser.
  3. I've been using up all of my wool, and I've got a cupboard full, knitting hats, scarfs, gloves and blankets for my cousin to distribute to very needy people. He works for a charity that provides disaster relief for war torn/disaster torn parts of the world.
    I've also been able to teach my 9 year old to knit (and it really is only knit - no pearl yet!) and she's done a couple of scarfs too.
    My next project will be to try some felting as an experiment because I've got some knitting patterns for some lovely knitted and felted cushion covers.
  4. I tend to have lots of things on the go. I was so looking forward to doing the sari yarn thing but I didn't like doing the pattern much and the yarn was a bit drab. I have a pir of little ballet slippers on the go too. Don't know Drops - off to google that.
  5. Hello Poeme, i used to use all my scraps knitting little jumpers for Oxfam, then they stopped wanting them. I loved doing them, dead easy patterns, and I felt as if I was doing some good as well. Which charity is it?
  6. Drops do lots of free patterns online, and you can get the wool too. I usually go with some of the more obvious online retailers of wool, but I was impressed with what they sent me.
  7. I think he sends them to a combination of charities. He works for Tear Fund and is an ambassador, or something, who specifically deals with disaster relief and assessing the need. I'll try and find out some more about where he sends them and pass on the details, if you like.
    It's the feeling of doing <u>something</u> to help rather than sat here passively that makes me do it.
    I might have a go at knitting a rag rug over the winter. I've been saving any of the girls clothes that can be torn into long strips for a while now and the colours are so pretty. I've got the massive needles now but they do seem very heavy. It could be a project that's started and then left for years [​IMG]
  8. Last time I bought I went to Colinette. But I have sacks full here, I need to use it up really. Looked at Drops, Hueves- but I can't see how it works! they had a nice turban-style headband I could do while I decide what to make. IN fact, I think I might do a scarf while I have a think about it.
    I am a bit inspired at the moment - reading The Knitting Circle, by Ann Hood. I want to belong to a knitting group now.
  9. What about a proggy rug, would that be quicker? Or a rag rug - plait the strips together rather than knit them, then wind them round and stitch? (I know all about these, not that I have ever actually made one!!)

  10. Yes, I'll do that if this knitting with rolling pin sized needles doesn't work. I haven't made a rag rug since I was 20 but I have fond memories of fiddling around doing that.
  11. Rolling pin sized needles indeed! Great chastisement vehicles too.
  12. Hmmm, I <u>might</u> have exaggerated a little bit!
    Great idea [​IMG]
  13. Did you ever finish knitting The Royal Wedding?
  14. What can you knit now? I like this:

  15. I'm knitting a scarf with Rio Can-Can. And also a cover for my Kindle, because I'm far too mean to pay &pound;50 for one...
  16. I haven't knit or crocheted for donkey's years, but I have just decided I MUST.
    Coffeekid, you are a genius!
  17. Crystalsecrets

    Crystalsecrets New commenter

    For any early years people around there is a lovely story called Milo Armadilo about a nan who knits a rabbit that turns out to be an armadilo. The story comes complete with a knitting pattern to make the armadilo yourself, great for story time. (and probably completely irrelevant to the rest of the thread)
  18. Nothing about knitting is irrelevant to me. Pobs did I say something about the book I was reading? A bit girly but it is nice. It might inspire you further. CK, that is an ideal style for being out on duty, thanks. I think I will knit one for all on my duty team, I know they will like it Thanks to all for your ideas. I have chosen some 3-ply turquoise which I will make up into a baby blanket using my fab easy pattern. If anyone wants it let me know, I found a scarf in it yesterday and it is very pretty, and I think brighter colours are in for babies aren't they?

  19. Gothmother hahaha - are you really?? Are you able to share the pattern please? How fab! I bought a cover for mine, it wasn't 50 though I think it was 30. I wishhhhhI had knitted my own though, I could have knitted a heart or a flower on it.
  20. I'm knitting a moose for my daughter for Christmas. She may be nearly twenty, but always has a teddy for Christmas so i thought it would be fun to knit one. The pattern comes from 'Knitted Wild Animals' by Sarah Keen. Also have a sheep counted cross stitch and a tapestry rose on the go.

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