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What school clubs will you be running next year?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dizzyblonde1969, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. I have run the school magazine for 3 years (heavy additional work load!!) and am now handing this over to another member of staff. As all the staff are expected to run at least one out of school time activity I'm looking for inspiration for what I could now have a go at.
    I'm not sporty so am rather put off running a sport related club!!
    What are you planning to do? How much time does it take to prepare for it?
  2. I'm currently wavering between Board games-always popular and indoors!- or IT, still indoors and we can play games when i get fed up!
  3. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Gardening club - three quarters of an hour after school once a week with 6 children from year 2. It doesn't take too much time to prepare for, but does take some money initially to buy plants/seeds etc.
  4. To be fair, the first term will be swimming club and I'll have to be outside for that, so I think I deserve a nice warm indoor club in Winter!
  5. I was asked in my interview which ones I would like to do - was this my way of saying I will do it? I will be a HLTA
  6. I'll be running a film club. Can't think of a better club to run, watching a film together and eating pop corn =)
  7. film club sounds really good, oow if i have to make a club i'm going to suggest that :)
  8. None. Ive got enough to do with teaching and most of you have too!
    Are you made to do one? Its optional at our school and whilst it stays that way Im quite happy spending my after-teaching hours planning and preparing thankyou!
  9. Newspaper club for select band of Y6s all year most Friday lunch times. Virtually no prep but when finished, I do the photocopying.

    Maths club for Y6s in Spring term for an hour after school. There's quite a bit of planning required for this - is basically another maths lesson a week!

    Rounders club after school in the summer term. No prep.
  10. Impulce,

    At my school, for every six sessions of an afterschool club we get a day off in lieu. So that makes it well worth it to my opinion.
    For a filmclub, do sign up at www.filmclub.org You will need to attend an induction meeting (run all over the country, even in my small town) and then filmclub supplies you with films, advice and lots more.
  11. I've done art and craft club for the last few years and that's usually popular. It's with Year 4 and we tend to keep it quite basic. I get most of my ideas online and don't need to buy that much additional stuff. As I've done it for a few years now I just repeat the same crafts with the new set of kids! The last few years I have tried to keep it to crafts that can be completed in one session. That means the kids get something to take home each time and, most importantly to me, my classroom isn't taken over by half finished craft projects!

    I ran a computer club last year too. I made sure one computer was always free for me, then once I had set the kids off on whatever we were doing that session, I got on with a bit of planning! Worked great for all involved :)
  12. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    I hate having to do a club after school. I know we don't HAVE to, but when that staff meeting raises its head and you are asked in turn which club you are doing it is very hard to say "I'm not doing anything"
    Being part time I only have 3 after school slots to get everything done in. One of those I am at the gate for half an hour on a rota to make sure all the kids are collected safely, one is staff meeting and the other is a planning meeting - which I need as I'm teaching new topics and a new year group this coming Sept.
    I tend to stick to a lunchtime club - recorders for me. On the plus side, it only has a few attendees, it is always cancelled when wet weather forces indoor play and they don't fancy doing it in the lovely summer weather.
    I shall do it in the lunchtime before my pm PPA slot.
  13. Next year, I'll be doing (as far as I know):
    Choirs X 2
    Orchestra (possibly X 2)
    Clarinet Group
    Cross Country
    Rounders in the summer term
    2 Drama productions
    There may be time to fit a few more things in as well but I already do after school lessons most days of the week so the schedule's getting a little tighter!
  14. I started a lunchtime photography club last term. They all had to have digital cameras and I gave them an assignment each week to try and improve their skills. They then brought in their photos for the rest of the group to look at and discuss the following week. At the end of term, we put up a display of their photos. I printed these out on glossy photo paper which was the only cost to me.

    It was a great club but it was tight to do it at lunchtime and the group kept changing all the time as the weather improved and a lot of boys especially, wanted to go outside. It was also a bit tricky getting them to bring in their photos on sticks every week. I will do it again in the autumn term but I need to think about the logistics a bit. (Sorry about lack of paragraphs - I can't remember how to make my computer do it!)
  15. That sounds like an interesting idea for a club. What sort of assignments did you give them - was it to take photos on a particular 'theme'?
  16. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    Do you have to pay to subscribe to Film club?
    Eco-Gardening has been my club for the past year when the weather is good we are out planting and watering when bad we are in working on the Eco side of things eg designing posters to turn off lights ,save paper etc 1 hour a week after school some preparation involved.It has taken me all year to train the children to bring in a change of trouser and wellies!
    lunch time KS1 story club 30 mins no prep apart from a decent story book....I go for stories from around the world and also play music from that country to give a 'flavour'
    Craft club 1 hour a week after school(in the autumn/spring term ) I like to do a project that will result in a decent finished item at the end of a half term .In the past I ran a 'cushion club' where the children designed and made their own cushion with applique (I took my sewing machine in and they worked 1-1 on it with me! brilliant results and they felt dead proud of their finished cushion.Have also made puppets, papermache heads on stick and sewn body ,they too were amazing.Paper mache piggy banks or other animal of the childrens choice.etc The only downside to this was the storing of the creations during the half term we were working on them.

  17. Filmclub is completely free, they even pay for your school's screening licence.
  18. For photography club, I gave them specific skills to improve on each week but they could take photos of whatever they liked. So for example, I talked to them about trying to take close up pictures using their macro setting or even close up pictures of a building, rather than the whole thing. We then went on to look at the rule of thirds to make their photographs more interesting. We also worked on taking pictures of something moving and of people's faces. All this made for a very interesting display!
  19. I have run a photography club on and off for a year. We use the school camera's so have 5 per session( once a week after school). the children pick their theme, such as a colour or a shape then go around the school and grounds taking as many pictures as they like then they come back to me and I help download them on the the laptops, then they copy and paste in to word the ones they like to make a photo mosaic. So it's a club for photography, computer skills and art all in one. The children love it! Have a look on flickr.com and search red photo mosaic! You'll get what I mean!

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