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What Salary Range To Expect in the UAE

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Training_2_Teach, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    Can anyone tell what kind of salary range to expect (Classroom Teacher) in Abu Dhabi for someone with 4 years teaching experience? In this time I have also had two years experience as acting head of ICT.

    There is a new school opening in Abu Dhabi, anyone who is applying and has any info to share (good/bad) please private message me.

  2. Let me just say... watch out applying for new schools in Abu Dhabi!! One new school opened this September and they forgot to build a gymnasium, they didn't have fully stocked resources and it was chaos!
    There are jobs at very good existing schools currently advertised... the salary is around 14k dhs a month, incl apartment, flights etc... if I was going to teach anywhere else in AD, then that would be my choice! Good luck :)
  3. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    ^ Thanks. How is Abu Dhabi in terms of expenses? Is basic living e.g. food, groceries, clothes relatively at low cost?
  4. No these things are all of a high cost, but on a salary of 14k dhs a month you'll be enjoying a good life as well as saving... happy days :)
  5. Do you know if the accomodation that you mentioned would be suitable for families (2 adults and a child)?
    Also, would they be willing to accept families?
  6. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Everything is relative in the UAE and the salary quoted is on the high end for an inexperienced teacher and on the very low end for an experienced teacher.
    Bear in mind also that the accommodation being offered may be shared. It may be better to get a housing allowance but this can also land you in trouble if it is not enough. Here is an average amount required for housing, which I was told last week by a friend out in Abu Dhabi, who has been there over 10 years.
    3 bedroom apartment in Abu Dhabi is 150 to 200,000 Dhs per year.
    3 bedroom villa in Mirdif ( Dubai ) is about 100,00 Dhs per year.
    This is roughly the amount of allowance you need. You can get cheaper if you look but it is very difficult and you will have to know somebody. It is very difficult to find accommodation in Abu Dhabi, and quite easy in Dubai.
    For an experienced teacher, the average salary is about 25,000 Dhs per month.
    If you are looking for jobs out there and you teach Mech Eng, Electrical Eng, Mathematics or perhaps English then give ADNOC a look over and also the Petroleum Institute.

  7. rosyanna

    rosyanna New commenter

    Assume you are a secondary teacher. As far as I am aware, top of the scale with no responsibilities is around dh 19000 in AD. I think the jobs Karvol is talking about are not in secondary schools. This higher salary is not at the school currently advertising, but at the older british one. The one you are thinking of pays less.
    If you take a job with the company that has just advertised [ existing schools and a new one opening] you would be offered family status - this would mean flights, health insurance and school places for up to 2 chldren { not sure if 2 or 3] plus married accommodation - likely to be a 3 bed apartment in a nice block.
    IMO, AD is a much nicer place t live than Dubai. Prices have rocketed though. Whatever you do, only accept a job that provides accommodation.
  8. Yes there is only 1 school in AD that possibly pays 25k... and I'm not sure it's even that high! It would be nice to think that all of us are on that sort of wage!!!
  9. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Rosyanna is right. I am not refering to a school, but to other institutions which do have openings for teachers.
    However my friend is working at a school in Abu Dhabi and is earning in excess of that but he is a very experienced teacher and is in a senior - although not SMT - position.
    If you want higher paying teaching jobs in the UAE then you have to think about other avenues for teaching that do not involve the standard secondary schools. Unfortunately these places are very reluctant to take on inexperienced staff.
  10. 25,000 AED???

    More like 12-14 AED per month. Don't take hosuing alloance as it won't get you very far.

    As far as family goes 2 adults and one child will give you a 2 bed flat which is sort of the norm here for everyone. I dont expect you to share with anyone really as most flats are on the small side.
  11. I would agree with the 12 - 14, that is for dubai,or maybe even less, a lot of schools here have cut the salaries. Some schools have reduced the salary by 30% and housing alowance by 50%.
    If you are a teaching couple, you might get a villa or two bedroomed apartment,
  12. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    You can be happy with whatever you are earning. I will be happy with what I know I was earning in the UAE 5 years ago and what my friends out there are earning now.
    As I have mentioned before, the best teaching jobs are not in schools. They are working for government agencies.
  13. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    Could someone please correct me on housing allowances/free accomodation.
    Do some schools give you housing allowance and expect you to look for your own accomodation as apposed to giving you somewhere free to live?
  14. 12-20,000 per month as a salary - for a class teacher with no extra responsibility and excluding housing / extras added in - fact! The best school is AD pays that for a teacher at the top of the scale after 5 years exp.

    For 25,000 a HoD would be close to this.
  15. Yes some schools give a housing allowance... but if you've never lived in AD before don't agree to this! Finding a place to live here can be a headache and then you've got to sort out bills etc... all the good schools give you a nice apartment either fully furnished or with a furniture allowance, that you won't have to share.

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