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What?s happening to licence to cook?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by dt tech, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know how long the website is going to be up and running for, what are the plans for the licence to cook program as it seems to work for most school and have some great resources attached to it. Are others schools still going to be teaching it in the L2C format.
  2. Sadly I think it does mean the site will close - we will continue with it as it ahs been great but without the online tests if needed.
    You need to contact them to get it confirmed
  3. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    See response from licence to Cook:http://www.licencetocook.org.uk/information/teach-food-technology.aspx
    There were plans under the last government for food technology lesson to become compulsory in all schools in 2011, but all existing plans became subject to review when the Department for Education formed in May 2010
    The coalition government has since decided on a "remit" and review of the decision to make food technology compulsary, following on from the white paper. The deadline for reveiw information was April 14th 2011.

    See below response from education.gov.uk Department for Education

    There are currently four components within the KS3 programmes of study
    • systems and control
    • resistant materials
    • food (previously referred to as 'food technology')
    • textiles.
    Of these the first two are currently compulsory.
    One would assume that associated funding may well now be reduced if not diminish. Or we could wait for another Government, we'll get back our pensions back and can use the food rooms we have all just spent a fortune on.........Rule Britannia!!!
  4. So Textiles or food are now not compulsory? What does that mean for these material areas? Interesting..... Textiles is making great leaps at the moment, delivers all of the new technologies, easier and more efficiently than some other material areas and yet its going to be sidelined?????

  5. I sat during my free's this morning and downloaded all the stuff i could off the web site. Is going to be a shame if they do take it off line as I seemed to work so well and give the suject some much needed guidance and consitancy between schools.
  6. All I can say is the Govt. have completely lost the plot if they are no longer making food compulsory.
    Obesity is still rising, the NHS is in crisis and they think that dropping food will help.
    Have they got brains or sawdust in their heads??!!
    I feel like I am stuck in some sort of twilight zone where everything is going a bit bonkers and yet no-one can see it or do anything about it.

  7. Do you have any idea if the resources are available anywhere on line. i know that some sites have been transferred to other sites other than a government site. i really miss the resources but for some reason missed the announcement that they were being removed.
    Thanks for any help you can suggest.
  8. Any chance people could post the resources on the TES resources site?
    I'm just staggered that all that money on developing those wonderful resources is just being wasted by these fools for the simple cost of maintaining the website.
    Food is just not Eton enough for this government,
  9. I would like to know especially if one can set homework on line.
    Thanks narinder. Gillnaz@gmail.com
  10. I would like to know especially if one can set homework on line. Thanks narinder. Gillnaz@gmail.com
  11. Are you going to put the food technology resources that you downloaded on TES?

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