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Discussion in 'Primary' started by heathernorton79, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Hi there - I am a KS1 teacher and a couple of my must have resources are my Brain Gym ideas book and Time Fillers books. I wouldn't be without them and when I have been on supply they have been a lifesaver! I'd be interested to know what other 'couldn't be withouts' people have....fiction and resoures....maybe I should get them!
  2. littlelebowski

    littlelebowski New commenter

    Post-it notes!!! (Must have used 50 in the first week back!) I couldn't do without the 'creative activities' series from Scholastic. Also, I use Pie Corbett's ideas in literacy. The Lazy Teacher's Handbook is good. Even though it's quite biased to older children, there are still some useful ideas about encouraging children to be more independent. I used Discovery Dog while on supply for one science lesson and it was fun to deliver but don't know what the scheme is like overall.
    Which Time Fillers books do you have? They sound good..

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