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What REALLY gets your goat when you're marking writing?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by k-jayne, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. and remember that 'it's ' is a shortened form of it is is and not a possessive form of it - even teachers regularly make this mistake
  2. I know a teacher who never uses capital letters at the beginning of people`s names or days of the week/month. Further more, he doesn`t care when you tell him - nor as anyone in school pulled him up about it.
  3. oki


    I'm glad to read this - it's always good to know you're not the only one to suffer these mistakes and be driven mad by them! This goes along with "The End" when the work is completed -despite it remaining unchecked and unread through if that makes sense! - Have I just fallen into that last trap? - The End!
  4. oki


    Brilliant - I am going to try that!
  5. oki


    Apostrophes – I love them. I detest poor use of them – the typical greengrocer – potatoe’s/tomato’s – what’s it all about? I also teach Year 4 – where apostrophes are first introduced! Can’t you tell when they have come across them for the first time? – Every single s at the end of a word or near the end of a word is either preceded or followed by an ‘ – no matter how many times you go over it!
  6. I want them to use drop in clauses and get v upset when they don;t!
  7. Please Sir/Miss - I'm not an English teacher, but is this an example of irony?
  8. LOL!
  9. Apostrophes: give children a piece of text and get them to copy down any word ending in an s using two columns, one for s words the other for 's words. Discuss.
    Which would we prefer, an imaginative piece of writing which can be improved with some punctuation or a well punctuated piece with no coherent content? Children are bombarded with so many rules, so many doe s and don'ts; where is the time to enjoy telling a good, exciting story? (Google Pullman common sense moonshine)
    b/d confusion: they start in different places, b is 'h' family, d is 'c' family. A 'bed' can support a little stick figure comfortably whereas a 'deb' has that poor figure flailing....
    Is there a programme that gives unpunctuated text, in varying degrees of unpunctuation,that children can punctuate and save?

  10. There's a furniture shop near me - nice properly made lettering with each letter stuck on sticking out in a kind of 3D way on one side, and a professional signwriter jobbie on the other side (just mentioning to illustrate that a lot of cash and different people have been involved in this signage) called
    Sofa's Plus
    Hubby has had to stop me from my seriously considered plan of going along at the dead of night and kidnapping the apostrophe! It drives me nuts!
  11. I particularly enjoyed seeing '***' written in place of 'who are ' in a piece of year 6 homework.
  12. Oh no I didn't expect to get bleeped !

  13. This may be a sign of a learning difficulty such as dyslexia!
  14. No, but the masses beat you into submission eventually!
  15. I've been teaching since 1973 and "naming friends" in stories always happens!
  16. definitely
  17. Did you mean to put that apostrophe in "it's" on the second line? It shouldn't be there. You've said as much on the third line! [​IMG]
  18. Doesn't sound like a proper phonics system to me if they aren't pronouncing the sounds correctly. Have the teachers in charge of phonics teaching actually had adequate tuition themselves? I'm 56 now and was taught all the sounds correctly in my infant days by very traditional teachers in a rural school. (eg. no schwahs on letter sounds, proper sibilants, tongued / non-tongued sounds) Never had a problem since so why the problem with these children, I wonder?
  19. Well said. I couldn't have put it better myself.
  20. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    No schwas? How can you pronounce the "b" sound, say, without a vowel after it?

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