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What REALLY gets your goat when you're marking writing?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by k-jayne, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Completely agree! Steps to Success, 2 stars and a wish, general comment, highlighter to show stars and wishes within writing... how does this mean anything to a 5 year old who can't even read their own writing never mind mine!
    The f and th and writing "v" instead of "the" really irritates me. But what I find really odd is that some children just cannot say th - they cannot stick their tongue out to say the sound. One boy in my class who I am trying to push th with keeps putting them both together when he says the sound e.g. withf, thfree
  2. I have a lot of year 4 children who will only put a full stop at the end of a paragraph.
    My other pet hate is stating the obvious. An example from the unit on imaginary worlds: Once there was a world it was an imaginary world.
    This after me modelling repeatedly how to show it's an imaginary world through the setting and characters. Blah!
  3. When the children write PTO at the bottom of a test paper or even worse in their books - as if you would forget to turn over the page.
  4. Did he by any chance include a capital letter for 'Christ?' If they have done a bit of RE he would be able to do that.
  5. haytypants

    haytypants New commenter

    I also teach Y4 and get really frustrated with this. I get my class to count their full stops - believe me, it works! Also try getting them to list the punctuation in the margin - then tick when they have used it.
  6. My year ones use 'Wii' instead of 'we'. Arrrrggghhh!
  7. Oh thank God I've not come across that one yet! I had one this week "Florence Nightingale was a really nice girl" - I asked her to put in some more details (pet hate; lack of any detail in their writing), and got "Florence Nightingale was a really nice girl. She was so so nice, a really good girl". It did make me smile but... arghhh!!
  8. I tell my classes that books sometimes have The End at the end and if they have written 400 pages I'll let them have it!
  9. I am an apostrophe and grammar fiend. It REALLY gets me irked when I see adults doing it. Some of whom are in the final year of their teaching course like me. Your and you're being mixed up and there, their and they're being mixed up. Even our and are. I made my Y5/6 class have an entire spelling test on those words only and they had to keep doing it until they got it right!
    I have this terrible habit of correcting people about things like apostrophes and over use of !!!! and random capitals - they get narked and think I'm a know-it-all but when the piece of writing in question is a poster for a charity fundraiser or a letter home to parents it looks so bad if it has spelling mistakes and silly punctuation and grammar!
  10. Oh, and txt spk wiv absolutely no vwls rly gts me 2. I can't ever read it and sometimes people are actually making the word they are trying to write longer rather than shorter. Lyke instead of like for example!
  11. How true! It is really irritating when adults make these mistakes. Some people still write there instead of their or the other way round. ARGH!
  12. I hate - Could of, should of and would of!!!
    Particularly when a visiting Literacy Consultant wrote in my lesson observation that I 'could of.'.... done something. I followed it up with the English Adviser - she said it was just a 'slip of the pen!'
    They're certainly not all locked up! How can they have them out there showing us how to teach Literacy. Another one who was doing INSET with us couldn't explain what an idiom was!
    My previous Literacy Coordinator was teaching us about 'ed' endings and used pay+ ed to make payed!! He got shirty and argued when told it should be paid!!
    But it's okay - they've all since been promoted to Headship or Deputy Headship!!
  13. When the class are writing and a child puts up their hand to ask me,
    "I've run out of space on the page, what should I do?"
    I just can't help saying,"Oooo, you'll have to continue your writing down the table leg and along the carpet then!"
    I know we shouldn't use it, but sarcasm is the only choice sometimes!
  14. I mentioned it to a parent at parents' evening as her daughter was constantly writing fanks, fought, fink even though I made a reminder help card for her with them on (thanks, thought, think...).
    Mum said, "Oh fanks I'll remind her"
    Fank you.
  15. THIS!!!!
    I go nuts when kids do this - it's not the end it's just you've got bored writing it now and think if you stick THE END!!!!! with loads of exclamation marks that Miss will agree that you can't possibly write any more and let you be done with it!
    And the year 4 girls (it's ALWAYS year 4 girls) who "helpfully" write PTO or "Turn Over" with lots of little arrows pointing to the corner of pages. Thanks ladies, without your help telling me I turn over when finishing reading one side of a piece of paper I would never have figured that mystery out!
  16. I tell them in breathless raptures about this AMAZING new invention called double-sided paper. Takes doing that a couple of times before they start rolling their eyes in despair and they finally take the hint!
  17. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    love it!!

    One that I had last year (and thankfully no more since) deliberately swapped the letter y for i - so we had boi, Tuesdai, Fridai etc - and all of her sentences ended with at least 5 exclamation marks!!!!!
    It made me want to scream...
    After several months of me underlining and pointing out that she REALLY MUST NOT DO THAT, it finally sank in.
  18. I don't teach in the School sector, I teach in FE and specifically in ICT. Sadly, all these problems we get in students who are aged 16 and over. Watching them create powerpoint presentations using longwinded phrases after I have specifically stated they need to use bullet points and brief phrases makes me weep.
    However, I also saw all these mistakes in my previous career in IT.
    I really hate the fashion that uses the word "like" inappropriately such as in: "I was like, going to the shop and I seen my friend and I was like "Are you going to the shop?".
    How on earth can you liken yourself to something that is intangible such as physically going to the shop? I don't understand the thinking behind that - if there is any thinking of course.
    I also loathe it when students always talk as if they are asking a question. If they do that too many times with me, I tend to ask them if they are asking or telling me. They soon get the hint.
  19. I was flabbergasted when child first asked me this! I'll definately use that response next time I'm asked!
    I love their spelling mistakes; they provide me with hours of entertainment [​IMG]
  20. Oh, and boys who get tired of writing and simply put 'to be continued.......' often with the dots all the way to the bottom of the page, getting bigger and bigger as they also tire of writing the dots!

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