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What percentage of complaints are regarded as significant in a parent survey?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by gentleman_starkey, May 21, 2011.

  1. gentleman_starkey

    gentleman_starkey New commenter


    Am a new head coming to middle of second term in charge. I have created an online questionnaire for parents to inform the SDP and was pleased with a 55% response rate. There are a few negative responses to each question, some with more than others. As a leader, at what percentage should I start to get worried? What do Ofsted consider is a significant number of complaints? e.g. 5%, 10%, 20% of responses

    Any advice would be great.
  2. I'm not keen on asking parents their opinions because they will often give them even though they are not really that bothered about a subject. For example no parent has ever come to me to talk about homework but if I put out a questionaire about homework all of a sudden they would have an opinion.
    I would seriously not go down the road you have taken. You are asking their opinions, some will be contrary to each other how will you then appease everyone.
    If the parents are quiet keep them that way. You can't run a school as if it is a participatory democracy although its no harm to pretend you take their views seriously-always throw them a bone.

  3. I agree with the view that most parents are happy enough with school but given a survey will nit pick. However, when Ofsted calls an awful parent survey is sent out and the tiniest minority view can be reported against your school. I say train parents up in terms of what the questions mean and how a survey could really help a school if filled in responsibly. I send out single issue surveys and feed back in full once a term and use the Ofsted survey but expand it so that each statement is clear to understand to all. Use the Ofsted criteria for analysis -'overwhelming majority' etc. Gives you useful % criteria.
  4. gentleman_starkey

    gentleman_starkey New commenter

    Thank you - will use those criteria.

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