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What pay point can I go for?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by teacherwithapearlearring, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. teacherwithapearlearring

    teacherwithapearlearring New commenter


    I am looking to return to teaching after a year out for a masters and want to know what pay scale point I should position myself on.

    I started teaching in 1995 (NQT year) on plus 1
    Following year was supply
    Following year on point 3
    Next year on point 4

    Left to work in industry for several years (4 years)

    Worked in school in Europe for year and a half. Whilst there also worked as examiner for exam board (2 years)

    Further study (tech skills) (1 year)

    Further employment in related area (2 years)

    Returned to supply 4 years ago (different age group)
    Have done 2 years supply and 1 year fixed contract

    Total teaching years on contract 5
    Total supply 3

    Am looking at going for second in dept /class teacher
    Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks.
  2. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    There are plenty of threads from TESSERs bemoaning the fact that pay portability is ended and so those deserving of UPS are getting fobbed off with M3.... etc. There's a reverse to this which a good negotiator can use to their advantage.

    If you've haggled for supply rates (and agencies are very good at these negotiations, so you've learnt from the best) then you should be able to haggle up the scale for pay. After the interview you will know the likely competition and how desperate the school is. When the offer comes you can start pushing.

    Despite my words above I'm naturally rubbish at this. To compensate I buy beers for a friend in business-to-business sales and he drags my negotiating skills up to a good level. Do you know anyone similar, education knowledge is irrelevant?
  3. teacherwithapearlearring

    teacherwithapearlearring New commenter

    Thanks, John.

    Actually, I think I have made some mistakes since starting supply. I am secondary trained and looking to return to secondary. I left secondary on second in very small English dept. My supply has been in primary and the last fixed contract was on point 2. I tried to negotiate but to no avail however I was completing my masters and they were prepared to give me a week off during term for a study visit and did pay me for the summer before I started so, on balance, it was a good enough deal.

    I have contacted old school employers who have notified me that they do not have wage records and do not give them out therefore I don't know how employers check. I also remember that time out in relevant posts and supply were considered as equivalent to a half a year teaching in terms of pay point. I want to try for mps6. Have lots of additional contributions in school to add.
  4. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    you can but ask...they can but say no...
  5. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Look round when they interview you.

    Only viable candidate: ask for more.
    Other candidates who look like viable alternatives but are likely to be cheap: go more cautiously.

    There's no relevance to getting evidence of your previous pay points, as there is no longer any pay portability; it's up to what you can negotiate, and it doesn't matter what point you've been on in the past.

    You look rather short on recent experience in secondary. Examiner experience is sometimes a plus, but the specifications have changed since you were last doing it.
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  6. teacherwithapearlearring

    teacherwithapearlearring New commenter

  7. teacherwithapearlearring

    teacherwithapearlearring New commenter

    Thanks, frustum and strawbs.

    Yes, I will do some supply in secondary to make up for it and then go for a contract position.
  8. teacherwithapearlearring

    teacherwithapearlearring New commenter

    I think if I don't try, I will kick myself and, as the continuity of points no longer seems relevant, I don't have anything to lose.
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