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What other jobs can you do with a PGCE?!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by babyblue06, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    Could I possible see that booklet too? Just out of interest...
    my add: ben_angus@hotmail.com
  2. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    stick the booklet on the tes resource bank to save giving out and sending a billion emails?

  3. Just wondering if you wanted to take some time out after completing the PGCE, is there time limit in which you have to take your QTS tests or can they be completed at any time?
  4. Without passing all three skills tests, you won't get QTS. Some unis appear to award PGCE as an academic qualification to those who have fulfilled all course requirements (assignments, directed tasks, audits etc) but are yet to pass the skills tests, while most would withold PGCE and recommendation for QTS until the tests are passed. I have heard of those who are yet to pass their tests in the first term of their NQT post (thus working as unqualified teachers), but normally you are expected to pass all three tests before the end of the course, or soon after.
  5. Hi,

    Booklet sent to those who asked for it.

    Grandelf, good idea but as I didn't author it I don't feel comfortable doing that (to me there is difference between sharing it with a handful of people who asked and the whole world...but I take your point).

    Anyone else who wants it, please actually email my hotmail account (it works if you get rid of the words "getridofthisbit"...see earlier in the thread).

  6. can somebody send me a copy too vickyperks@hotmail.com

    im havin the worst day of my life!!!!!!!!!!! my subject mentor hasn't recommended me qts, iv got inteviews comin up aswell, i really want to work with children and b able to use my talents to help people succeed, but my mentor thinks i won't cope. however my university mentors have told me that i will pass, ive had so many false hopes, had to take the day off today because im so confused abot my future. how the hell will i get a morgage with no career lined up??? i just hope there is a light shining somwhere for me.

    im glad im not the only worried and confused soul on the planet.
  7. I'm in this same boat, kinda. After the teaching practices this year I have decided not to go into teaching in a secondary school as I have found it mostly dull and not really challenging. I applied for the PGCE as I was given the impression that teaching is a really fast-paced and thoroughly challenging job. I habve found this not to be the case as I have generally been teaching the same lessons week after week and could predict that if I applied for a job next year I would be teaching the same things all over again... Fair enough its probably a little more challenging than your average office job as you have to get to grips with the classroom management side, but I most definitely don't feel 'stretched' in this role.

    Rather than apply for teaching jobs, I have applied for a Masters degree to continue on to higher study in the hope that I will stay at the forefront of the education agenda (still a very firm passion of mine). Hopefully in the future I can use the experience I have gained in schools this year to assist in making the changes that are so drastically needed in the UK education system and also in the education of children currently resident in developing communities around the globe.

    My thoughts are with those people who are passing their PGCE with flying colours, yet still don't find themselves adequately challenged 'just being a teacher'.
  8. Guess I'm hideously late for this, but maybe someone could forward the booklet to me too. I'm really confused about my options at the moment. laylatacey@hotmail.com

    Thank you!
  9. If you still don't fancy teaching after getting your PGCE, you could always become:

    a wringer-out for a one-armed window cleaner?
  10. There's a book called "What Can You Do With a Teaching Qualification?". Can't remember the author. I got it last year when I was in no mans land....Have now got a teaching job though!!!
  11. Hello,
    I am aware that this is quite an old post, but I was wondering what you did end up doing? I am currently doing a PGCE (RE) and am also considering what other career routes there are. I would be interested to hear about your experiences.
  12. Hi, I was wondering if I could please get that booklet too?

    My email is me379@hotmail.com.

  13. Gillianbrunner

    Gillianbrunner New commenter

    Could I please have the booklet too! Gillian.brunner@gmail.com
  14. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    This is a "zombie " thread going back t 200 so the information is out date
    Try reposting a new thread with your question

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