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What options do I have...

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by ParkerNorf80, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. ParkerNorf80

    ParkerNorf80 New commenter

    Morning all.

    Went back to college to resit and PASS my maths last year. I now have my qualifications in place, however...

    As I done a sports degree @ University am I limited to only applying for PE @ Secondary level?? Has anyone managed to qualify for example to be a history teacher when completing a maths degree at University? (Extreme example)

    Also, I would definitely consider Primary, however don't hold a Science/Biology PASS @ GCSE (I do have an Access to Science - but I don't think Universities would accept this as an equivalent!?)

    I have been in school support, behaviour and mentor roles for 9 years and just wanted to see what options I have if I was to apply this October (2017)

    Thanks for reading. All the best.
  2. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Established commenter

    If you demonstrate the aptitude you could do a PGCE in another subject. I think this is more likely in subject shortage areas.

    You would need to check with the University you are thinking of applying to about the Primary PGCE. The access course is recognised by the TDA as equivalent but each university can make their own decision.
  3. chloef23

    chloef23 New commenter

    When I was training, there were several people who had GCSE equivalences. Whilst they could gain QTS status, the university would not allow them to complete the PGCE aspect of the course. It is definitely worth checking with the training provider(s) you are considering.
  4. flick161

    flick161 New commenter

    I would be surprised if Access didn't count, as I needed to do this as a substitute for A Levels in Science for a different degree course (I have my GCSE's).
    You can do Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses.
    What other A Levels did you do?
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  5. saluki

    saluki Senior commenter

    If you are going to teach an academic subject your English grammar needs to improve. 'As I done a sports degree..'
    A PGCE usually asks for 5 GCSEs including English, Maths and Science plus a degree in a relevant subject.
    Colleges are more lenient and perhaps you could study a DETs. There are also many Btec sports courses in colleges which may be suitable for you to teach.
    I believe that standards for Primary teachers are quite high. Nothing less than a 2:1 degree and a high standard of GCSEs and A levels. If you are male you may be looked upon more favourably. Just choose some PGCEs and look at the entry requirements.
  6. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    This is a rather common misconception. I have been involved in the recruitment of a number a primary teachers and all were appointed on merit - Their gender was not a factor which was considered. Every Head I know would tell you the same thing...
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  7. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

    I think you also need to decide WHAT you would like to do. If you want to do Primary then passing your Science GCSE and looking into that field would delay your career by another year (which is not the end of the world).

    Likewise, what is it you would like to teach in Secondary?! I know teachers who are art degree holders that are trained to deliver English and a Drama degree holder who trained to be a Maths teacher. Is your subject knowledge for the area you’d like to teach good enough?
  8. nwilliams111

    nwilliams111 New commenter

    I'm in a similar position. My degree is in history and politics, however I am currently working as a secondary school English teaching assistant and have applied for a PGCE in secondary English. I have already been turned down from one university and have had another invite me for an interview in History instead. Should I be looking into a school direct course instead? Or is there anything I can do to boost my appeal?

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