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What next? Assistant head from Head of Department? Not sure?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by rurt, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Worked in industry for 12 years then re-trained to become a teacher 5 years ago undertaking a GTP. I worked at my first school for 2 years then moved to become head of art at my current school and am now in my fourth year. Good school, good support and acheived well in taking my department to 100% A*-C at GCSE. Currently ongoing with MA in Education and have completed LEadership Pathways, Outstanding Middle Leaders, Inspiration HOD course etc......
    Just dont know what step to do next...Was thinking about Assistant Head however just lacking the confidence to apply....Am I ready...Also recently looked at TED and watched Sir Ken Robinson's 2006 and 2010 speaking on creativity and education...feel very unneasy that I would have to become what I dont believe in....
    What next!!!!!
  2. southerngirlupnorth

    southerngirlupnorth New commenter

    Your post could have almost been written by me! Exactly the same Art background, leadership courses etc. I am lucky to have been offered a slight promotion from HoD to vocational coordinator across a two site academy. It feels like a good step towards Assistant Head, however if you are ready you should just apply now. You will gain confidence through feedback and knock backs (or you might just get the job first time, either way you have nothing to lose!) On the other point I think we all might have to become some things we don't agree with or believe in over the next few years but the higher you get the more difference you can make.....

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