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What motivates children to read?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lynslee, Feb 25, 2011.

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  3. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Based on my 15 years experience of teaching infants, I feel that schemes do not motivate children as they see the whole process as getting onto the next book, rather than enjoying a book for it's own sake. Inconjunction with our school RR teachers, we use a whole variety of levelled books and for the last few years that we've been doing this, have noticed more enthusiasm and enjoyment of reading in the children.
    I choose the literature based on what I think the children will like to read or have read to them- different classes have different characteristics and once you know what is likely to engage them, then I look for books that will interest, but give them opportunities to engage and become invovled with.
    Reading at home - I organise regular workshops/ activity mornings for parents which present the joys of reading in different ways- we do information reading through cooking etc. and we encourage parents- many of whom haven't read a book since they left school- to understand that reading is about developing imagination and encouraging talk and thinking etc. rather than jusr plodding on to get the words right.
    Good luck with your research- hope this is of some help!
  4. With 19 years teaching experience, 15 in the Infants, and the last 4 in the Juniors(now in Yr5) I thought that I would have no problems helping my 4 year old son to read when he was ready.
    We have 'shared' books from birth, reading a story every night before bed, and at other times during the day prompted by him.
    When he started school he was very motivated to read as he has a set of books on his shelf he wants to read on his own, wanting to practise his sounds and wordtin words, and share the books he brought home from the reading scheme books. By christmas he could recognise all of the single sounds and read the words in his tin. However in the last few weeks it has been a struggle to get him to share these books and words, although he still wants a story before bedtime.
    While out with his Great Nan today I heard him tell her reading is boring, and when I asked him why he said because the books from school are not interesting as they have boring words in, but he really likes his books.
    Motivation for him is excitement and imagination, and not decoding cvc words because he has to learn to read them. I will get him to read the words he can when we share a story together and paint more complex words on paper to stick on his bedroom wall so he has plenty of opportunity to do word recognition.
    Know this is a bit long winded, but hope as a scenerio it might help get into the mind of a four year beginning to read!

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