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What might I be able to apply for?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Kurly, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Kurly

    Kurly New commenter

    Hi have lurked on here for ages and even posted about my age (ancient) in the past. Have been in the same school for way too long - 20 years (I know...awful isn't it) have set up an eal dept from scratch, run literacy interventions, raised funds for the school grounds, have a TLR. Am in throes of the end of the mid-life crisis am willing to work anywhere (except Africa) have a non teaching spouse who could do tefl...is it all young guns these days??? Sounds so competitive - am I just wasting my time? Want to earn a decent wage am happy to commit to a school ....looking to get my teeth into something. Thanks for reading!
  2. And when you get an offer, get back on here and sneakily identify the school/s or PM posters to check the places out. There are some nightmares out there, in all the countries mentioned.
    Best way, I reckon, is to go through an overseas agency. The best one has been pm'd to you.

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