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What Media Equipment Do You Have?

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by dylan83, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. I joined a new school this year and am teaching Media at GCSE and A level. Knowing the school offered both of these subjects, I was a little disappointed with the facilities, both hardware and computer software... but maybe I've got an unrealistic idea. Basicaly there are basic digital still cameras (your average 6megapixles), some okay-ish video camera (but no tripods); computer-wise there's one room of okay-ish machines and a room of older ones. There are 12 copies of photoshop, Microsoft Photodraw, and there is an MX (2004) collection of Adobe products: Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver. The only video editing software is Microsoft Movie Maker.
    I'm interested to know what others have in their schools and if there's any way of getting extra funding from somewhere to help with media equipment.
  2. You poor love. Good luck. 2 x mac suites, cameras, tripods, and a boom mic. Final Cut pro on one mac, imovie on the rest. Oh and a radio studio. But I started with sod all 9 years ago and begged, borrowed and stole to get the best. Oh and bribed the kids to tell SMT that they couldn't do media studies without the right gear.
  3. CarolineEm

    CarolineEm New commenter

    We've gone from one colour printer and a few old computers to a suite of 18 computers, all licenced with the Serif suite of software, plus 4 excellent stills cameras, 5 HDD cameras, an A3 and an A2 photographic printer and tripods, green screen and now a pop-up white screen with lights. Like postmoderistman, it's taken 10 years to get to this point - a little more equipment every year, and everything is locked away and checked in and out to make sure it all lasts.. Does your school have a subject specialism? We offer all sorts of media support to the wider school, including having groups of lower-school children using the media equipment during enrichment days etc, and they help us with funding, (everything from paper and SD cards to a camera) using their budget.
    Year on year I'm finding more and more students have their own cameras; I now get them to use their own SD cards (most have them in their phones). This keeps more money in my budget to spend elsewhere. Your school library might be prepared to pay for a subscription to MediaMagazine and also try giving them a list of books you'd like; IT might cover software licences - because we help the younger students have a go with Serif, we now have a site-wide licence which comes from their budget. What do your art department have? And PE / Sport may well have video cameras? DT may have large format colour printers. MFL will have tape recorders. Of course, all books / DVDs etc. come from ebay!
    I hope this gives you some ideas of how to "enhance" your budget! Good luck!
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Aldi do dirt cheap large tripods from time to time if you need any, around £12 each.

    Digital still cameras can record passable video for editing in Movie Maker, but are a bit weak on sound. I stocked up on them when we had to do a lot of lower school film work. It's easier and quicker to transfer the files from memory card than it is from tape.

    You can enhance Movie Maker to a certain extent by using Microsoft Photostory 3, a free package that creates rostrum camera effects with still images and outputs the files in .wmv format. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft site and it works on school networks.

    There's a completely free Photoshop-style package called GIMP that can be downloaded (along with loads of other useful open source software) from http://sourceforge.net.

    For video and audio file conversion (often necessary when students employ their own cameras) try the freeware package called Super from www.erightsoft.com

    There used to be a free editing package called Avid Free DV, but opinions of it varied, and I haven't used it myself.

    If you want to grab stock footage from YouTube for editing projects try www.keepvid.com or similar.
  5. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    ..as an afterthought:

    If you have to work with DV cams, and the cash can be found, it's worth getting at least one high capacity battery, and as many wide angle lens adapters as you can afford.
  6. When I took on media here they had two High 8 camcorders...and two tripods.
    Now with an extra 90 students taking it we have just had a media suite built with 16 Macs with adobe creative on, 20 handheld HD camcorders and 5 stills cameras also 20 10GB SDHC cards...I feel a bit spoilt now....but I do get the school the highest A Level grades % wise out of all the subjects most years :)
    And I have moaned at them for 5 years...

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