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"What makes your Job so Stressful"

Discussion in 'Education news' started by ridleyrumpus, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. drek

    drek Lead commenter

    A 2 week period over which one has to mark 600 or more questions, input the marks on a departmental data spreadsheet, then input the rendered progress grades on the school portal system.
    During this period, the usual after school meetings are not cancelled, the book marking checks remain on the calendar, learning/climate walks still go on and non urgent emails seem to increase exponentially.
    Yes teachers with difficult groups teaching 23 hours a week can manage and have done for years and years.......it's the weeks after that which are difficult to get through. Exhausted teachers and rudeness personified students are a disastrous combination and stress wise it ain't no walk in the park.
    Year after year.....we do it..... and in the last few years have done whilst being patronized, judged and told how much better we could be if we did this that and the other on top.....or else lose our jobs.
    That has been very very stressful.
    It feels good that everyone is finally open about all this, but I ache for all those who were driven out on their psychological knees by all the twits (with an a) in the system.
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  2. schoolsout4summer

    schoolsout4summer Star commenter

    What makes my job so stressful?
    It used to be other teachers trying to show everyone how clever/great/hardworking etc they were, compared to everyone else.
    Now? A lack of Day2day Supply work.
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  3. thin_ice

    thin_ice New commenter

    Very true. There are some nasty characters out there.

    The “I’m outstanding” bunch.

    Like the ones on here who pretend to be rebels. Yawn.
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