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What makes an excellent international school?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by lovely.lady, May 24, 2011.

  1. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    My current school in the fashion capital of Europe is a good school! We have good children and many talented teaching staff. However, like many schools we have our areas of concern and periods of unsettlement. We are presently in one such period. We are awaiting the appointment of a new principal, other key management are past their sell by date and the whole curriculum in the primary school needs a shake-up. There are also some contractual problems at the moment but notwithstanding these issues I still believe it is a good school with the potential of being excellent or great!
    So what, in your humble opinions, makes an excellent school? Please feel free to contribute.

  2. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    A francophone referee of mine wrote that any school led by me would inevitably have 'a festive atmosphere', so my opinion is probably not exactly humble. On the other hand, he used to match me pint for pint of 'Guince' so his judgement may not have been entirely academic.
  3. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    Not overly helpful now, was it? I teach children just like you![​IMG]
  4. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Established commenter

    If you think there is a formula for a good school I rather doubt that you do.
  5. I'd work with Mainwaring in a heart beat....
  6. I say, only you, lovely.lady, know how to approach the conceptual frameworks which constitute the unique paradigm for learning at your International school.
    Thumbs up, across or down? [​IMG]
  7. Me, too. I love that programme. Which one is M?
  8. [​IMG]
    It took you a while.
  9. Whiler - I still don't know!
  10. On a serious note l.l and for what it is worth, I think, effective and purposeful coordination between year groups is primordial. Talented staff doing their own thing, can only have an ephemeral effect on levels.
    If that doesn't work try shaking up your curriculum with text types. Aaaaggghhh!!!!!
  11. You see, it's convaluting, loquatrexial stuff like that makes me keen to avoid the serious notes.

  12. That's nice dear.
    Now, let's leave l.l's thread for those who have something helpful, useful, interesting, meaningful, intelligent, wise...... to offer.
  13. The badger with attitude. Someone's mother in it, not sure if it's the cat.
    Brave, notyet? What are you on about?

  14. I totally agree with the comments that Hippo and Oldgit have contributed. Oldgit: I dont think though that Hippo meant that a school with happy kids would be a school that tolerated bad behavior. I think a good international school honors all teachers contracts, provides good housing/medical insurance/flights/pay is ok in relation to local economy. The staff should work as a team and communicate effectively. Staff are retained for a good period of time. Clear school policies that are stuck to by all staff. All staff are reading from the same hym sheet. SLT/SMT support teachers. in academics and discipline. issues. Teachers are trusted and allowed to make decisions regarding their academic expertise. Teachers are given ownership and input creating school policy. Teachers should be provided with and trained to use the latest educational technology in the classroom. Literacy objects should be included in every lesson for every subject where possible to improve English.Teaching and learning takes priority rather than profit. If some owners realised that investment would actually generate more profit they might make some smart decisions sometimes?... Lessons are observed fairly against obvious class room standards. A school that only recruits qualified teachers. A school that has realistic intervention strategys for problematic stiudents whether academic or behavior related. A school that is not corrupt. A school where AFL is constantly implemented. There is a good rapport between teachers and students. Students are not afraid to ask for help. Students are not afraid to participate in class activities from fear of being laughed at by other students even if there answers may be a bit off, students are encouraged and motivated by teachers and their parents. Im bored now..... the list goes on and on...... NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT SCHOOL THOUGH.. LOL... Certainly not a perfect international school.....

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