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What makes a good role play area?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tpt51, May 8, 2011.

  1. tpt51

    tpt51 New commenter

    I am a y5 teacher and am looking at introducing a role play area in my classroom. How much of a role play area should be free time for playing, and how much should be for reading topic books and free writing on topic? I have never seen a role play area used with this age of pupil so I would really appreciate any help with what this should/could consist of?

  2. All our classes, N to y6, have roleplay areas, our new head insisted on them, purpose built, wooden,windows and doorways (no doors and no roof). They are changed every half term, from Tudor houses, Viking ships, Victorian houses, Science Labs, caves, jungles and fairgounds to name a few, they link in with the topics and creative Curriculum..the kids love them. (even y6)
  3. Hi, our caretaker made them from MDF from B&Q, we have also, recently, added dressing up clothes, Tudor costume etc. A group gets to go in daily,,e.g..the bakery in Pudding lane, the kids make shopping lists, someone make the bread (from playdough).they use the till, then they have to write the instructions to make the bread.
    The Titantic (y4) , the kids roleplay then write a report of events...
    At the moment, our y2 roleplay is a beach hut, next term its will be a garden centre, We have a reprographic woman who is very artistic, she has the plans for the whole year of each roleplay and as long as we strip them down and cover the inside, she will add the rest, vocab, curtains, info and all the little extras that make them very enticing to the children.

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