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what makes a good leader

Discussion in 'Primary' started by CB123, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    At work we have been asked to think about what makes a good leader and how they can help all children enjoy and achieve their learning
    My brain is mashed so thought I would be cheeky and ask for ideas.
    My main thought is that in order for children to achieve they need to be enthusiastic about their learning and this often comes from teachers who enjoy (or pretending they enjoy) and are enthusiastic about there teaching. And an enthusiastic teacher can be the result of an enthusiastic leader??
    ALso I think a good leader should lead by example, be prepared to model / be obseved
    I know this is cheeky but any ideas would be grateful

  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Lead by example yes, but also recognise own weaknesses and the strengths in others.

    Value all who they lead.
  3. Ah, well, i do not think there is enough room/time here to answer fully.,but.....this is a start

    However in leader and leadership, we have many differences..........and.....

    ##Traits and theories of a leader,

    might include.....

    sense of responsibilty;concern for task completion; energy;persistence; risk-taking;originality self-confidence; capacity to handle stress; capacity to influence; capacity to co-ordinate the efforts of others in their achievement of aims,etc;.

    Yet this is still a minor part of the whole picture.....of leaders/leadership...

    As an example there is a widely acknowledged thought that more emphasis should be given to transforming rather than transactional' leadership......

    Example,,,outstanding leaders have a solid vision for........


    ## communicating ....

    ## there are many kinds of leadership 'forces',styles,,,,...

    ##Leaders should be able to..choose a style that suits their school......

    ##,be able to plan ,prepare ,set objectives,monitor,evaluate,share, care,respect,celebrate others,, ,communicate ,facilitate,motivate,delegate,.develop............ and and and and,,,,,,,,,,..

    best wishes......g.t

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