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What KS3 Maths SoW do people use??

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by leocouls, Sep 9, 2018.


Does a well resourced KS3 SoW exist?

  1. Yes they are easy to find

    0 vote(s)
  2. No

    1 vote(s)
  3. Sort of- but some things missing

    2 vote(s)
  4. Yes but at a cost

    0 vote(s)
  5. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. leocouls

    leocouls New commenter

    I am looking into development of key stage 3 SoW materials and want to get a good idea on what people use. Can people answer the following questions… a) Do you use a published SoW or your own? b) can you recommend a SoW that comes with built in assessments? c) can you recommend a textbook (can be online) that comes with a SoW and assessments to go with it?
  2. bobtes

    bobtes Occasional commenter

    We use kangaroo maths but are having to adapt it slightly to get the best fit for our students, esp as we carry it through to KS4.
  3. leocouls

    leocouls New commenter

    Thanks for your reply!

    How do you resource this SoW? There’s no textbook to run along side the Kangaroo is there? Do you resource as a dept or individual teachers? (Just trying to get an idea, not interrogating)

    Thank you
  4. bobtes

    bobtes Occasional commenter

    No textbook for that scheme, correct. We share resources across the dept, all saved on a central network area.
    We do have old textbooks from previous schemes used (Oxford) which are still okay to dip into. Other resources come from various websites we subscribe to (mymaths, mathswatch, mathspad, mathsbox), worksheets found on here/other internet sites, ancient 10 ticks, things people create themselves.
  5. leocouls

    leocouls New commenter

    I thought so, thank you for your reply.
  6. tommypritty

    tommypritty New commenter

    I am also looking into KS3 SoW. There is CIMT, which is a little out of date. I have used the MyMaths SoW in the past, and have now been recommended to look into Cambridge Secondary 1. Has anyone used the Cambridge Secondary 1? Would you recommend it?
  7. Bloomstar

    Bloomstar New commenter

    What's wrong with your old scheme of work? Make sure you ask the other teachers in the department what they think!

    I worked at a school where someone changed the scheme of work seemingly because they needed to justify their payscale, however the old scheme of work was excellent, by an experienced teacher and had homework/revision/exam resources specifically written for it.

    So I had to spend hours and hours editing the old resources to fit the new and dealing with mistakes on the new, rushed and not thought through exams. The morale of the department was significantly damaged too.

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