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What kind of content would you like to see in a TES ICT newsletter

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by gedlad, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. gedlad

    gedlad New commenter

    Surveys shouldn't force parcipants to make a false selection (Q14), this would be the same as asking which of these foods do you prefer? Worms or Cabbage. Should have offered Other (please state) like Q15 tried to but again forced an unpreferred selection in order to progress the survey.
    Worms by the way
  2. THanks for that feedback gedlad - we'll see if we can add an other option there
  3. I hope this isn't going to be yet another 'Happy News' newsletter or I won't be interested. If it is to be of interest, I want it to deal with the serious issues we are facing. Apart from utter mess of controlled assessments, where is the training program to support ICT teachers develop their computing skills? Where have the jobs gone? What's the future for vocational qualifications? What has happened to consistency and fairness in marking? Why are the top grades so hard to get compared to most other subjects etc etc.
  4. Hello all,
    I thought it might be helpful if I included a link to the latest newsletter here, for those who haven't seen it before.
    ICT newsletter from Feb 14 2012
  5. Filled in the survey. Like that you're trying to get feedback.
    Am in independent sector so may not be your target but an option for KS2 would be good.
    In general the categories I'd be interested in are:
    <ol>[*]highlighting what's bubbling up as good on the TES site[*]Teaching issues (not just assessment)[*]School issues (e.g. training staff not to fear a mouse)[*]Student issues (e.g. BYOD)[*]Broader issues (open source curricula, does tech help learning etc) </ol>
  6. Hello piers
    That's really useful feedback. Many thanks
  7. Thanks for the suggeston we'll think on that one

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