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What is your favourite West End musical?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by y9840125, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    Am off to Shrek today which got me thinking...

    What is your all time favourite West End musical?

    Mine still has to be Wicked... Its funny and sad; there are some great numbers in there and everyone can identify with it to some degree. I still love it 6 years on!
  2. Les Mis! However I have also never forgotten seeing Cats thirty years ago!
  3. How can one pick a favourite

    I was very surprised at how good WIcked was

    I love Chicago

    I saw an excellent 42nd Street about 30 years ago

    Around the same time I saw Bounty ... with the man himself ... that is a memory to treasure

    Dreamcoat is always a winner

    Have not seen Les Mis and think I should
  4. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    Too true!! :)
  5. Les mis is amazing, you should go RF.
    Only problem is, the new score is not as good as the original. I was very disappointed on my most recent trip to see it.
  6. impis

    impis New commenter

    I've not seen many - but absolutely loved The Jersey Boys, which I went to see a few months ago! Absolutely FANTASTIC!

  7. Absolute favourite to watch is Miss Saigon, closely followed by Les Mis and Wicked. We took our year 6's to see Wicked on their residential two weeks ago - they were transfixed all evening & pleaded to go again the next night!!
    I've been lucky enough to play in orchestras for several of the musicals (not West end!!!!) & it's funny how perceptions change then! My favourite score has to be Mack and Mabel - very lively, and beautifully written throughout!!
  8. Picking a favourite is impossible, though Les Mis would be a contender. I also love West Side Story, Superstar, Cabaret, Wicked...I could go on.
    It's much easier to identify ones I don't/wouldn't like: anything written by Lloyd Webber after 'Evita' and any musical cobbled together out of existing songs. Mamma Mia, We WIll ROck You, Dreamboats and Petticoats...all irredeemably awful. If you like the songs, go to a gig: there are plenty of tribute groups out there. I'm also suspicious of musicals made out of films, like SHrek and Legally Blonde, for example. I haven't been to see one, though, so can't really comment.
  9. I agree sarahstevo. They are not musicals!
    I absolutely loved legally blonde though, a great way to get a new crowd in to musical theatre. The songs are incredibly catchy!
  10. Phew that is 3 of us then [​IMG]
  11. Technically they are, they are called 'Jukebox Musicals'.
    Nothing on earth would enduce me to go and actually watch one though (although I wouldn't turn down work in the pit band).
    I should have added West Side Story and any Sondheim musical to my earlier list (of one).
  12. Oooo yes! Anything/everything by Sondheim should have been on my list, too.
  13. Four!!! [​IMG]
  14. I did We Will Rock You a while back - hate to say it, but the band parts were shocking! None of the nice scene change music, or faboulous openings / interludes / entractes where the band get to let rip! Felt more like a backing group than an orchestra to be honest!!
  15. I love Chicago.
  16. My 15 year old daughter (a bit of a musical connoisseur) went to 'We Will Rock You' with her dad. She said the set piece big numbers were excelletn, but the show itself a disappointment. I think that is a common feature of the 'Jukebox Musical' (thanks for the term, poeme) - the writers/producers understand the spectacle and the songs, but not the concept of musical theatre.
  17. My only vague experience of the Musical Jukebox Genre is watching the film of Mamma Mia ... truly awful in my opinion
    Sure the songs are great ... but I can listen to an album and Abba will actually sing them

    Poor story combined with poorer acting ... blergh

    I would hate to judge all such shows on this experience but it confirmed my previously held views
  18. I was grudgingly dragged to we will rock you. I love queen but had to leave in te interval because I couldn't stand any more of it!
    Not a big fan of Lloyd webber but I loved starlight as a child.
  19. Les Mis is absolutely wonderful. Saw Mamma Mia in Manchester a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved that too. Had tears running down my face from laughing so much!

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