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What is your downloaded v sales ratio?

Discussion in 'TES Authors' Group' started by Maths_Shed, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. MosaiK

    MosaiK Occasional commenter

    Thank you for your input and for taking the time to reply to me. I thought that too after someone on another thread explained this to me. I still don't understand how the number of downloads can go up though while the number of sales remains stagnant... it's all a mystery to me. I will put it down to making mistakes at the beginning of this process and then suddenly all will fall into place. :)
  2. MosaiK

    MosaiK Occasional commenter

    Ah, now that would make perfect sense to me, thanks. Thank you too for taking the time to reply to me. :)
    A1EnglishResources likes this.
  3. A1EnglishResources

    A1EnglishResources New commenter

    No problem at all...just looked at my figures and my downloads are currently TEN times my sales!
    salsify likes this.
  4. Maths_Shed

    Maths_Shed Occasional commenter


    1826 views, 1088 downloads, 9 sales, 0.38% conversion.

    An improvement on September.
  5. humanitiesbox

    humanitiesbox New commenter


    roughly 700 downloads
    76 sales
    3.85% conversion
  6. mrajlong

    mrajlong Established commenter


    9866 Free downloads
    265 sales
    3% conversion (though views of free downloads distort this figure)

    I AM concerned about November. Can't see me beating my last year's November sales...there were lots of voucher codes for free credit that don't happen anymore...will see, but if today's anything to go by - no chance!
  7. hoppytimes

    hoppytimes New commenter


    960 free downloads
    210 sales
    3% conversion
  8. TRJ

    TRJ New commenter

    2870 free downloads
    117 Sales
    2% Conversation

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