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What is work like now post baby re change from FT to PT etc?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Dalian Daisy, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm doing a bit of forward thinking here and I am curious to know what you Mummies did/are doing back at work and do you feel it works. So if you were FT before are you now PT or is there anyone out there doing FT- can it work? Is your partner FT too?

    If your're PT how did you find going from full time to part time? how many days do you do? I'm primary so am wondering do you job share a class or cover? How do you find it- what would your recommend?
    There are a few job shares at my school and it seems the 3 day a week person seems to get the rougher deal re workload & expectations of them ( but the 3 day person is quite a stresser) whereas the 2 day person seems more relaxed and not to worried. Both said they would be more relaxed when they came back to work after the baby- one seems to be coping with it, the other is a real stress head... how do you cope with it? Does it stress you out as much as when you were FT or is it ok?

    Cheers! ( sorry so many q's!!)
  2. Apologies for terrible sp/typo errors!
  3. I 'retired' from teaching 4 years ago now so have a normal job but otherwise... I originally went back full time and was ok to start with but started to feel bad about not spending enough time with my daughter. Particularly if I did anything at the weekend that didnt include her. I now job share and its better although I'm not as interested in it as I was prior to having my daughter. This actually surprised me but I dont think I could be at home all the time either. My husband has his own company and actually works from home which is really helpful in relarion to picking LO up from nursery if she is ill or something.
  4. Trudy

    Trudy New commenter

    I went back full time for nearly a year after dd1 (I applied to be part time a while before that, though - it took 5 months from applying to it actually happening). It was hard work doing 5 days, and I was so tired all the time, too tired to enjoy my 2 days with her and DH. I was working 3 days all through my pregnancy with dd2 and then went back 3 days again after mat leave.
    I have done both job share in a class and PPA (which I am doing now). I enjoyed doing job share, but it was hard to plan - finding the time to talk with the other teacher, ensuring we ran the class in exactly the same way for continuity. I would do it again, though! Now I do PPA and I love it, I know every child in school, can do projects across school, have gained experience of every year group.
    And, of course, I get my 4 days a week with my 2 girls, which I find a perfect balance. I don't know how I would do all my planning, as well as keeping up with housework etc, cooking decent meals, if I was working 5 days a week.

    Hope that helps! Trudy x
  5. I'm back to full time primary as couldn;t afford parttime. OH is fuill time but works part of his week from home which is great as he can keep an eye on little one if i nip upstairs.
    I have a very understanding head who hasn't lumped any extra responsibilities on me for this year. I will be back to 'normal' come september.
    Becasue of childcare arrangements I try to leave at 4.30 most days, the odd day I stay on to five, some days I get away at four so I can get a bit more QT in.
    I think once I have my full workload back it will be difficult, but not impossoible. I am a lot more productive with my time now - no more hanging around drinking cups of coiffee and then taking a load of work home. I get as much as possible done in school and am considering going in earlier a couple of days to keep the makring under control.
    I am more organised and it helps. OH isn;t much help in the morning, TBH, but I just have to give LO bottle, change nappy and then plop him into car as he gets dressed after breakfast time because he's a mucky pup. I find having a shower at night helps, and batch cooking dinner for freezer.
    As PP says, it's great having a bit of grown up chat and getting whole cups of tea at work!
  6. Thanks everyone, it's really interesting hearing everyone's experience. I'm being a bit thick here but don't know what the abbreviations mean- Trudy I know your DD is your little one but what does it stand for and is DH dear husband?
    Also just to confirm 1.0 is full time so is 0.8 4 days, 0.6 3 days and so on?
    To the poster that does PPA & really enjoys it- how many days do you do? ( sorry I've forgotten your name & if I go back I'll lose my message!)
    Do you think job shares can work? Ours seem to but there does seem to be a bit of needle between one of the pair e.g. one seems a little martyrr ish and says the other never tells her anything and then the other seems to think the other one owns the class & doesn't give her enough say etc... maybe that's because the job share changed mid year due to maternity.
    When did you know you were going to be PT or FT? How far in advance did you have to let your head know? Sometimes I think it might just be easier to be FT as at least you are your own master and don't have to compromise but then no time with little one so.... hmm!!

  7. you don't have to let your head know more than 15 weeks before your return date, but I gave mine notice in September, for my return in January. My 0.8 is a clean 4 days a week, but colleagues do weird and wonderful timetables involving no afternoon classes or first lessons to enable child dropping off/picking up. I am contemplating full time again, but for me, that one day off is one day less teaching, planning and marking, which adds up to more than one day, really. It also means I am not expected to do other things like after school classes/revision sessions that full time colleagues seem to be - it's purely a cultural thing at our school. Nor do I have a tutor group as they prefer full timers to have them.
    I imagine it's quite different at primary level. DD stands for Darling Daughter and DH for Darling Husband! i think I would find job share involving the same classes difficult for the reasons you outline.

  8. Trudy

    Trudy New commenter

    Thanks, haggisfish, just what I was about to say [​IMG]

    To the OP I am the one who does PPA and loves it - I do 3 full days, Mon Tues Wed. I had to apply to be part time both times, and the first time it was temporary for a year, but then I went away again on mat leave 'full time', and came back again part time. I applied about 6 months before I wanted it to happen each time. hth x
  9. Hi, I am FT but in a secondary. I have cut down on the amount of work I do outside of school, and tbh some of my lessons are planned in rather a hurry, but I don't think any of my classes have suffered as a result. They have all achieved their targets this year at any rate (at least the ones I know about, Year 11 sit their exam on 6th June).
    My dh is ft too, and we share the running of the household. I do most of the childcare because I get home earlier, but he does most of the cooking, I do the washing and he does the washing up, then whoever has time will do some hoovering at some point.
    Dd1's teacher (year 6) also came back from mat leave in September and is full time. I can't say I've noticed any problems with dd1's work or attainments, which I did when she was in a job-share class with 2 teachers with different expectations. Her teacher doesn't seem any more stressed than the other teachers in the school but she doesn't run any of the after school clubs that the others do either.
    I think it's an adjustment to go back to work after lo whether you are ft or pt, so whichever you decide, good luck when you go back.

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