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What is with all these weird names?!?1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sazzlebomb, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. I can directly attribute 98% of my grey hairs to various Thomases over the years!
  2. wellingtonboot

    wellingtonboot New commenter

    If these are all current pupils at your school, you've possibly said enough to identify yourself, especially if there's only one NQT this year.
    Oh dear...

    Perhaps best to ask for this thread to be pulled?
  3. Trouble is its very easy to stereotype kids just by their name alone. If i was a parent i wouldnt consider naming my child anything wierd simply because it gives people the wrong impression about them from the start.
    Children should be encouraged to form their own identities and not to be too easily sectioned by name alone.
    How is it that my stomach turns if i know i have a new child starting called Kane, Tyler or Jordon and that theyre not going to be well behaved angels? Names have serious conottations very much like tattoos - they may be great/novel to begin with but some get faded and look a bad idea!!
  4. Sorry but this is a silly comment. I have taught a Jordon who was a complete angel. It's all about your personal experiences with a child of (with?) a particular name. Not everyone will have the the same experiences as you. I'm sure you could find a bad representive of any name. I'd be interested to know which names don't have any negative connotations in your book?
  5. Of course its not a silly comment!

    Surveys have even been carried out where teachers have contributed the names of badly behaved children and its always the same names that come up. Tyler, Rhys etc etc...
    Im sure everyone has an example of a child with a particular name who isnt badly behaved/disruptive but the majority do....
    Like I said names bring connotations whether you like it or not. we all know what sort of people would name their kid Chelsea, Chardonnay etc...
  6. How offensive is that!! Maybe the 'sort of people' who like those names?! You really should try not to be so judgemental. New years resolution perhaps?
  7. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

    Is this not itself judgmental?
    BTW, saying something that is "offensive" (in your opinion) is not actually against the law, yet.
  8. These types of posts really bore me. You have offered no opinion of your own or any kind of debate for me to respond to. You have obviously been clicking through the forum looking for an argument and quite honestly I've got better things to do on my Tuesday night than have a mindless argument with a stranger on the Internet.
  9. To be honest, you're the one trying to start arguements by claiming that peoples views/opinions are silly!
    Surely a key thing for a teacher to be is fairly judgemental i would have thought. For right or wrong 99% of people will make a judgement on people on their first impression. If your first impression is just a name then surely it would be best not to give your own child such a dumb name!
  10. Yes, but I would not be so rude or narrow minded to assume that a child or adult named 'Rhys' would be a bad person or the product of any particular 'sort' of person.
  11. Chardonnay is a little sweetie, but having met her mum recently, I was only glad she hadn't named her "Thunderbird."
  12. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

    So why have you responded?

  13. I think that everyone whether you like it or not associates names with particular qualities or another person they've met.

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