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What is this style of teaching called, please? I need to know for my personal statement.

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by LindyHop, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. LindyHop

    LindyHop New commenter

    <font size="2">What is this style of teaching
    called, please? I need to know for my personal statement.</font>

    Imagine Maths Lesson. What is the
    name given to the process/ type of teaching whereby you have for example all
    the children on the carpet for the whole class teaching input, except the
    Higher Ability (who are for example playing a game aimed at their level at a
    table away from the rest of the class), you teach the new concept/new
    strategies for some area of mathematics, to the rest of the class. You then
    send off the Least Able children to do their task, while (keeping on the carpet
    and) teaching the MA the next part with say higher numbers or more in-depth
    problems, then send them off to do their task, then call to the carpet the HA
    children for their higher level teacher input, then send them off to do the new
    task based on this lesson&rsquo;s learning.</font>

    What is this style of teaching
    <font face="Times New Roman">

    All help much appreciated.</font>
    <font face="Times New Roman">Regards</font>
    <font face="Times New Roman">LindyHop</font>
  2. Diddysan

    Diddysan New commenter

    In the US (where I currently teach) this type of teaching is called Differentiated Instruction. Meaning that learner activities and outcomes are specifically tailored to different ability levels within the same class.

    I'm sorry , but I don't know if the same term is used in the UK.. Hope this helps.
  3. SarahJayne66

    SarahJayne66 New commenter

    I sometimes have taught like this but I can honestly say I havent a name for it,
    It would def be personlised learning, as you are teaching to the different ability levels, or as it is group work maybe collabritive (sorry spelt wrong) learning.
    It is of course differentiated as you have the groups in their ability levels
    Does that help?


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