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What is the meaning of life?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mathsteach2, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Mathsteach2

    Mathsteach2 Established commenter

    What is the meaning of life, and now lying in a hospital bed I pray to God asking Him what are His plans for me, if He is willing to reveal them, according to His will. I have been inspired (by God!?) to write, and now have 40 pages of small handwriting on an A4 school exercise book. It will probably never be published, but I am motivated to tell you all here about some of my thoughts, and ask my question. Reading, writing and some talking is all I will ever be able to do.
    In my early years here, I referred to Christian Anarchism, but I will not respond to eristic comments. It is comprehensively documented on the Internet, but I cannot yet find a Christian Anarchy website which runs a forum.
    I am inspired, therefore, to write about Christian Anarchism.
    My question is, then, what is the meaning and purpose of your lives? Is it religious, or worldly works like Stephen Hawking and not bother about the after-life?
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  2. Mathsteach2

    Mathsteach2 Established commenter

    If my writings are not inspired by God, I was certainly motivated to write by my reading of the Seventh Day Adventist Quarterly entitled "Oneness In Christ", which they use as a basis for discussion in their Sabbath School, held every Sabbath morning.
    I had discussed some of my writings with a great nephew here in Barbados, he is SDA, and he just visited me and told me he had shared my views recently in his school meeting.
    Briefly now, they were that the Quarterly was advocating the same sort of Christianity as the Christian Anarchists. My thoughts may well be spreading. I am posting here, not to proselytise, but just to share my views and relieve my boredom in hospital. God bless.
  3. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    My meaning?

    Family, friends, being true to myself... probably a dash of being as nice as I can to others without imperilling the first three.
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  4. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    And I wish you the speediest of recoveries...
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  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Meaning of life (perhaps better considered as the purpose of life)
    • To make as positive a difference to the lives of as many people as you can
    • To try to use your time on earth as fully as you can
    • To help and support others.
    • To procreate and raise children who will, in turn make a difference
    • To leave this world a better place than it was when you arrived
    • To create peace and happiness whenever/wherever you can
    How do you do this:
    • For me - following the 10 Commandments as closely as possible. I don't say this as a devout Christian, but because they are bloody common sense rules for life whether you are a Christian or not.
    • Giving to others - time, money, moral support
    My wife is a devout Catholic. I was Baptised/Christened in a Methodist church. I wasn't raised as a church goer. I go to church with her on Sundays mainly to accompany her but also because I like the peace and calm - and I haven't yet found a reason not to go. I am not a religious person in the happy clappy sense but I feel that there is a purpose in life and that spirituality is something worth looking at when considering the meaning of life.
  6. Mathsteach2

    Mathsteach2 Established commenter

    Many thanks for your reply, Lanokia, and for your good wishes. It is a great pity more people do not hold your views, so many seem to want to just go around looking for trouble!
  7. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Are you hoping He might have left you something in it?
  8. Mathsteach2

    Mathsteach2 Established commenter

    Many thanks for your very worthwhile post, stopwatch, it needs placing in my thread in the RE Forum on salvation, where one poster does not think RE teachers are required to develop, develop not create, spirituality in children!
  9. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    God - what a dire thread.
  10. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

  11. Nanook_rubs_it

    Nanook_rubs_it Star commenter

    At least 4 of the 10 Commandments* are useless for bringing about any of your (reasonable) purposes in life.

    *there are 613 in all; a lot, if not most, leave the world a worse, rather than better place.
  12. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

  13. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

  14. EmanuelShadrack

    EmanuelShadrack Star commenter

    Surely you and Lexus can figure out this question yourselves, if you combine your efforts.

    I haven't procreated - oh no, how terrible. Will I suffer eternal torture in the afterlife for this? I'm hedging my bets that I won't, as I believe the idea of an afterlife, and of "God's unfathomable plan", etc etc is a humungous great load of testicles.

    Why are people obsessed with this "meaning of life" business? I'm with the philosophy of Jim Jefferies, when he says that the bible is too wordy, and aside from the utter nonsense in there, you could distill all the good bits down into "Try not to be a tnuc" (apply a "palindromic transformation" to that last word).
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  15. EmanuelShadrack

    EmanuelShadrack Star commenter

    Perhaps He'll leave the OP that big box of halos, that God thought might come in handy one day, but in fact turned out never to need.
  16. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    Why isn't it a load of ovaries?
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  17. EmanuelShadrack

    EmanuelShadrack Star commenter

    Very good point - thank you for pointing it out. You're exactly right. It wasn't my intention to be in any way discriminatory.

    I think this could form the basis for a long and valuable theological discussion, perhaps on a par with transubstantiation.
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  18. Mathsteach2

    Mathsteach2 Established commenter

    Duke of York, of course I hope and pray that He has a plan for me, and through the Holy Spirit, Heven has motivated me to write and talk. I am not able to do anything else at the moment.
    I hope no-one sees this as a dire thread, peakster, there is nothing to fear.
    I have enjoyed the video, nomad, there is nothing wrong in making fun of serious matters. Professional comedians do it all of the time and give us some of the best laughs.
  19. Mathsteach2

    Mathsteach2 Established commenter

    Emanuel Shadrack, it is not an obsession for me, just an interest. I also like rugby union and mountain climbing, pretty well on the same level, but my greatest interest, and my love, is for my wife.
  20. Mathsteach2

    Mathsteach2 Established commenter

    Many thanks to all other posters for their responses, I enjoyed listening to Kathleen Ferrier, and of course this theological discussion has been going on for centuries.

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