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What is the latest in terms of teaching qualifications, are there plans to scrap or are they still compulsory?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Deandra, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Hello guys,

    Just wondered if anyone can clear up some information for me with regards to teaching qualification, I have completed my DTLLS and will apply for QTLS (which I have to pay for) and I will have parity across the board with teachers in schools (QTS) does this still stand or have they yet again, changed the rules?

    I would be grateful for any solid information,


  2. Also PTTLS, DTLLS have also now been replaced by new teaching qualifications, Diploma in Education etc, though these are also not compulsory.
  3. Teaching qualifications in FE are no longer compulsory. That is not to say a college/trainer provider would not prefer them, but it is no longer a requirement. QTLS is also no longer required/compulsory. I have worked for a training provider for over a year,, they have not asked for it or expected me to have it since it is no longer compulsory.
  4. BUT if you do look for a job and get it on the basis of QTS parity then, currently, you have to maintain IfL membership to keep your QTLS status. If you don't your parity disappears.

    But that supposes that a specific employer has decided to accept your QTLS status. They do not have to, the law changes allows them to do so if they wish. It is not compulsory for a school to accept your QTLS status.

    Minefield isn't it [​IMG]

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