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What is the greatest Bond movie ever?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by TheHistoryGuy, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service? - I love George Lazenby's only Bond film, fantastically supporty by 'Kojack' and Diana Rigg, wonderful skiing action and apline locations, my favourite Bond theme music (the only one without words), and one of the only Bond's that is emotionally gripping.
    Never Say Never Again? Connery back for an 'unofficial' non-EON production, purists may object, but I really enjoy this one for a fun action film and prefer it to any of Connery's official Bond movies,, s e x y female baddie strutting and pouting in leather trousers, defintive Blofeld performance by Max von Sydow, with cameo by Rown Atkinson, watch out for Valerie Leon as Bond's love interest, also like the different opening.
    Live and Let Die? Roger Moore's first Bond, prefer him to Connery for his more humane portrayal of our hero, wonderful west Indies location, fantastic car and boat chases, wonderful performance by Jane Seymour, love the Wings theme song.
    The Man with the Golden Gun, Big Rog is back with Britt Ekland and Maud Adams in tow, superb baddie performance by Chrisopher Lee, apparently a lot of people consider this one of the weaker Bonds - not sure why though, I think its a fantastic fun film, love the flying car, boat and car chases, incredible car stunts, and martial arts action, great theme song with Lulu, oh and its got that little guy from fantasy island in it.
    The Spy Who Loved Me, love it when Bond skiies off the mountain and his union jack parachute opens - want to stand up and applaud, love the Lotus Esprit, Jaws makes his appearance, fantastic Egyptian locations, love the belly dancer, Bond abably supported by Barbara Bach, another great theme song.
    Diamonds Are Forever, a balding and overwight Connery's last offical Bond, but my favourite performance by him in an offical Bond movie, love Jill St John as the Bond girl, great car chases, wonderful theme music with Shirely Bassey.
    Moonraker, apparently considered a weaker Bond by many - again not sure why as its a great fun action film, maybe jumping on the 1977 space fixation band wagon, but still a lot of fun, another fantastic theme song with Shirely Bassey.
    For Your Eyes Only, maybe Roger's last great (semi-) serious Bond film, fantastic opening again dropping Blofield down a factory chimney from a helicopter, some great underwater, car, skiing and climbing action, love the ice skatign girl, another great theme music.
    A View To A Kill, things were getting decidly silly by this stage for an aging Roger Moor who bowed out of Bond movies after this one, but I love this one for Grace Jones' baddie turned goodie.
    Casino Royale (1967), not the 2006 film, but rather the 1967 spoof Bond movie with Peter Sellers, David Niven, Ursula Andress, Orson Welles, Woody Allen etc etc etc, very troubled production history and many directors worked on it, massively went over budget, but love it for Peters Sellers' performance, also fantastic score with Burt Bacharach's The Look of Love sung by Dusty Springfield, you can see the influence of this film in Mike Myers Austin Powers movies.
  2. Hmmmmm ... depends what you are watching for ... I like Live and Let Die ... the New Orleans scenes entertain

    Then again ... Robert Carlyle is an excellent villain in The World is Not Enough

    Still not sure about Daniel Craig though ... I thought Quantum was better than Casino
  3. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    As a purist, I would have to say that it must be the first Bond movie; Dr No.
    No others have adhered so closely to the book after which they were named.
  4. I love Live and Let Die. Spy Who Loved Me seems to have been on telly loads lately.
  5. My favourite is 'Living Daylights' but I know it isn't the best.
  6. What about On Her Majesty's Secret Service? - that was very close to Ian Fleming's book.
  7. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    If you like the Ian Fleming version of James Bond then Dr No is the best Bond film. In the books Bond wasn't smooth, he was a hard drinker and violent, nothing like the smoothie that Roger Moore portrayed him as.
  8. Marcia Blaine

    Marcia Blaine New commenter

    After very many years on this planet, I've only just (today) realised that "Roger Moore" is just as suggestive as "Plenty O'toole" and "***** Galore".
    'cept that it's his real name. [​IMG]
    Life imitating art?
  9. blazer

    blazer Star commenter


    Goldfinger is my favourite. Connery is the best Bond with Pearce Brosnan a good second. I have watched both Daniel Craig films. One made absolutly no sense at all, in fact I was wondering whether the projectionist had played the reels in the wrong order and the other was also pretty lame.
  10. I love the soundtracks to 'The Living Daylights' and 'A View to a Kill' but they're not my favourites by a longshot.
    Moonraker is by far my least favourite - ridiculous!
    I would have to say Goldeneye or Diamonds are Forever. I absolutely love the opening scene in Goldeneye.
    Sean is by far the best Bond, with Brosnan coming second. For me, George Lazenby is appalling.
  11. I have read all the Ian Fleming novels and short stories, although it was many years ago, and agree that Roger Moore's portrayal, except for maybe in his first few outing as Bond, doesn't have perfect fit with the character in the books and short stories. Ian Fleming is on record (in interviews) stating that David Niven would be his ideal actor for James Bond (as a serious role not the comedy role which he ended up playing in Casino Royale 1967). David Niven is the only real actor mentioned in an Ian Fleming story (The Spy Who Loved Me short story) and Fleming appears to have admired him. Fleming is on record stating that he thought Sean Connery's portrayal of Bond was too sadistic in Dr No. So while I'd agree that Roger Moore, at least in the later films, doesn't quite fit with Fleming's character due to the 'tongue in cheek' way he played the role, Fleming himself certainly felt that a 'smooth' actor (Niven) came closest to his creation in his books. David Niven was certainly a hard drinker, his luxery resort home which he shared with Errol Flyn being named 'Cirrosis by the Sea'. I think George Lazenby came much closer to the character in the book than did Sean Connery.
  12. Agreed

  13. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    My favourites are "Goldfinger" - best dialogue for me - "Live and Let Die" and "Man With the Golden Gun". Roger Moore's my favourite Bond too.
  14. I really like Roger Moor as Bond, even if he is a bit tongue in cheek. Live and Let Die really is a cracking film.
  15. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I agree - the best locations/photography of all of them, I think.
  16. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    I think the trouble with Roger Moore as Bond was that they kept him in the role too long. If he'd given up just one film earlier I think he'd be more highly regarded.
  17. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    From Russia With Love. Obviously.
  18. Yes, he was past it by his last film, A View to A Kill, and it was being played almost as a comedy with Patrick McNee as his sidekick and Grace Jones way over the top (but I like them both), Christopher Walken was very good as the baddie, so its still an entertaining film. He was probably also past it in the previous film, Octopussy, where he was also playing it for laughs, although that also had a strong supporting cast which saved it.
  19. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I never liked Roger Moore as Bond - I thought it all became way too camp and over the top. I reckon Daniel Craig's doing a good job, given that it's in the context of a contemporary franchise reboot - certain things will inevitably change and the chronology with earlier films has been broken, so comparisons are a little difficult. He's definitely a hard b*stard, which is how Connery tended to play it, albeit within the limits of 1960s censorship.
  20. I found it difficult to think of the two Daniel Craig films as 'real' Bond movies. Maybe because Casino Royale did take him back to the start of his career. I quite liked Pierce Brosnan's efforts. I was reading a bit more about Fleming and apparently he had Richard Burton and Carrie Grant in mind while writing the books and then thinking of movie adoptations, as well as David Niven. I can see Richard Buton playing Bond as tough character, but both Carrie Grant and David Niven would be smoothies, more in line with Roger Moore's portrayal.

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