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What is the greatest action movie ever made?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by TheHistoryGuy, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. The Ipcress File? - Michael Caine debuts as Harry Palmer, the poor man's James Bond, in fantastic cool 1960s London based spy movie
    Funeral in Berlin? Michael Caine back again as Harry Palmer in Cold War Berlin
    The Billion Dollar Brain? Harry Palmer in Finland, more surreal than the previous ones
    Dirty Harry? - Clint Eastwood's debut as Harry Callahan in this 1970s San Francisco cop film
    Magnun Force? Clint back as Harry Callahan with Savid Soul and Hal Holbrook, maybe even better than the first one
    The Enforcer? Anther great Harry Callahan film with the brunette from Cagney and Lacey
    The Dead Pool? Clint's last Harry Callahan film, becoming a sligh paraody of the earlier three films, but still fun, with Liam Neeson.
    Lethal Weapon? Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in 1980s LA cop film, an updated Dirty Harry
    Lethal Weapon 2? Mel and Danny back with Patsy Kensit in tow fighting appartheid baddies, plus joe Pesci
    Lethal Weapon 3? Whether you like this will depend on whether you find Joe Pesci irritating
    Lethal Weapon 4? Again attitude to Joe Pesci could be the clincher
  2. Um, maybe the Harry Palmer films shouldn't really be included as 'action' films.
  3. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    oh hard one

    maybe the matrix for its total rewriting of movie making, fight scenes, CGI etc
  4. For me, it'sThe Long Kiss Goodnight. Geena Davies' finest moment. :)

    Oo, and I quite liked Salt, too.
  5. And I LOVE the Die Hard films.
  6. Not a great fan of action films but some of those I liked were
    The Hunt for Red October
    The Great Escape
    Enter the Dragon
    The Lethal Weapon films
    Das Boot
    The Bourne Ultimatum
    Kill Bill (for a giggle)
    Death Race (trash, but I love it)
    Death Sentence (more trash, but I love it)
  7. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I vote the 'The Longest day' with 'A Bridge too far' a close second.

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