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What is the difference between higher and foundation

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by teachergirl2012, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. In GCSE, an anyone give me a concise rubric to apply to identify whether a pupil is working at higher tier or foundation tier.
    For instance is foundation tier more descriptive and higher tier *** analytical.
    Hopefully you will get my drift and be able to help.
    How would you describe the difference if you had to?
  2. At foundation level there is much more emphasis on the first two levels of response, ie knowledge and application. At higher level a large number of marks are only available for evaluation and analysis. From meory there's no need to stream students to higher or foundation until you're ready to complete the exam entry forms. To be honest I've not been through the GCSE under the new sylabuses so I might be a couple of years out of date but we made the decision about tier entry with the students in February of Y11.
  3. '' In GCSE, can anyone give me a concise rubric to apply to identify whether a pupil is working at higher tier or foundation tier. ''

    More art form than science, this, I find! I look to at how pupils perform across assessments in class and performance in other subjects. I always add in Higher level question extensions to end of unit tests to wrangle out the stronger pupils.

    And, yes - I think there is a noticeable difference between the demands of Foundation and of Higher.

    I guess your board only award up to C in Foundation?

    Hope this helps!

  4. I think you may need to look at your syllabus - the new courses that started 2 yrs ago and were examined full this year have had the higher/foundation papers taken out of them under guidance from the QCA - there is no more tiered entry for OCR, Edexcel or AQA.
    I have found that this has worked well as you can teach a mixed ability group (common in our subject where there is not enough students to stream) how to write a good essay and tackle the exam paper as they will all be facing the same paper and challenges.

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