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What is the difference between a foundation degree in education (TA) and HLTA Status

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by sodenelj, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I am currently studying the Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. I have applied to study a Foundation Degree in Education (Teaching Assistant)/Early Years/Supporting Teaching and Learning. What is the difference between the Foundation Degree and Higher Level Teaching Assistant Status.
  2. The foundation degree is a level 5 qualification. The hlta is level 4 and a status not a qualification,it is upto the school to recognise hlta status. You don't necessarily get paid hlta money but you can apply for hlta jobs.
    Once finishing the foundation degree you can do the hlta. If you decide to do the hlta then it should be done straight away as some of your degree work can count towards it. There are members of staff at my school who graduated last July (2010) and completed the hlta straight after. Because alot of the hlta is covered in the degree they only had to go on a 3 or 4 day course. The work they put in for the hlta was basically one weekend.
    You need the foundation degree to move onto doing a full degree if you want to be a teacher.

  3. Thank you. Your information has been helpful in making my mind up that I had made the right decision. My plan is to study the BA (Hons) Early Childhood Education and Care in the final year and then do my HLTA status.
  4. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    One of the girls on our course did the HLTA whilst doing the first year of the Foundation Degree, As it states that The foundation Degree is level 5 at the end, so why do the HLTA? You are level 5. HLTA status is level4. You will be above. As another post said it is upto your head to put you forward and the funding has gone, so school or yourself would have to pay.
    If a HLTA position comes up, common sense will tell your head that if you are qualified to level 5 you are suitable, If you have been employed a long time, you can just be given HLTA job and paid accordingly without going through the status, by your head teacher
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  5. chey

    chey New commenter

    hubcap - I'm not sure that is right , as far as I am aware it is now necesssary to have HLTA status to be employed as one . It is different to a foundation degree and just because the foundation degree is a level 5 does not make it interchangeable with HLTA status .
  6. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Yes it is right. I spoke to HR myself at our LA and that is what she told me, if a head wants to he can pay somone level 4 pay and employ them as a HLTA. A friend of mine has been employed as one on this basis and I know of others. They were nursery nurses for a long time before the headteachers decided to pay them as HLTA. Theres something about the length of time they have been employed. I also know of a teacher that is employed as one and never went through the HLTA process. Ask your HR department what they allow.
  7. I am currently doing Foundation Degree Education in my second year. When I have finished my course i want to do the HLTA status. I read on ur post above that members of staff at ur workplace went on to do the HLTA status. I wondered if you had any information on where can do the HLTA status course? and how much would the course cost?.
  8. I am currently studying the Foundation Degree in Education, I wondering how and were did ur friend do the HLTA status while doing this course? As I also want to do this and wondered if you now how much this course would cost?
  9. lilyloo09

    lilyloo09 New commenter

    I believe you have this the wrong way around. I am currently doing a foundation degree and HLTA gives 20 credits towards the level 4, therefore the level 4 is higher. You dont need to do HLTA once completion of level4 and then level 5. Think you have got a little muddled x
  10. egm2786

    egm2786 New commenter

    I must point out, I have failed to be considered for any cover supervisor/HLTA work so far and I have nearly completed my Foundation Degree in Education. I think HLTA is the only way forward these days. FD only really appears to be that great step towards a teaching degree! x
  11. Morrismoo

    Morrismoo New commenter

    I have nearly finished a foundation degree. I'm sure if you want to become a HLTA you can use your coursework as evidence to meet the standards but I haven't asked my HT.
    I guess it depends whether you just want the status or whether you want to work towards QTS in the end??
  12. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    I have been a HLTA for the last three and a half years. Before that I was qualified at level 3 and went onto the TEACHING AND LEARNING IN PRIMARY FOUNDATION DEGREE. After I had finished I applied for a HLTA position at another school and got the job.They had checked with HR and because I had met the teachers standards on the foundation degree. I think now that the funding has gone for the status its just a case of luck or a headteacher whose school can afford to fund you! Keep applying for jobs!
  13. Morrismoo

    Morrismoo New commenter

    Thanks hubcap! That gives me hope that my Foundation Degree isn't a total waste of time which is how it feels at the moment!

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