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What is the difference between a course that has QTS attached one without?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by maxine_lindsley, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. I am going to university in September to study for a PGCE in Primary Education, I have already been accepted on to one course however this course does not come with QTS. I do have another interview lined up and this is the course I really want and this comes with QTS. However, if I do not get this place I will be going with the first course. What exactly is QTS and can I still get it if I go for the first course that does not give me QTS? Will I still be able to teach without QTS

    Help please, im very confused, I need help from people how have been through this process
  2. phatsals

    phatsals Occasional commenter

    .Are your sure it doesn't have QTS? QTS is Qualified Teacher Status, you get a teacher registration number, formally held with the DFE.

    It means you are qualified to teach in state schools, without it you won't get a job, you won't be qualified. All the work you will be putting in is to prepare you for the profession, contact your training provider and check about QTS. If it isn't being given, drop that course and find another one.

    Just do a quick job search for primary schools, you will quickly see they expect QTS as standard

    Good luck.
  3. PersianCatLady

    PersianCatLady Occasional commenter

    Are you sure that it isn't the other way round?

    I would expect both courses to have QTS as it is essential but PGCE isn't.
  4. Juliet6079

    Juliet6079 New commenter

    I'd agree with the other two comments - double check this!
    If the first course really doesn't offer QTS then don't bother. You won't be a qualified teacher and will then have to go and do another year of training afterwards to qualify.
  5. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Lead commenter

    I'm guessing the first is something like Oxford Brookes offers? - https://www.brookes.ac.uk/courses/postgraduate/pgcert-education-pgce-without-qts/

    These courses are aimed at teachers who already have QTS but not the postraduate qualification. As you don't have QTS then a course like this isn't aimed at you, and I'm surprised the university didn't bring this up at interview. If you want to teach in England then you need to do a course with QTS included.
  6. PersianCatLady

    PersianCatLady Occasional commenter

    OP - Do you have a link for the course without QTS?
  7. sabram86

    sabram86 Occasional commenter

    PGCEs without QTS have value in the following situations:

    1. Where you do not work in a UK state school (e.g. an international school) and you feel you would benefit from teacher-training;
    2. Where you possess QTS already and, once again, you feel the PGCE would be useful or beneficial (e.g. it is useful/essential to have it to teach in Wales or Scotland);
    3. You teach in FE or HE and a teaching-qualification has become, or is becoming, de rigueur;
    4. You are happy, willing and able to take the route to QTLS - which has the impressive advantage of exempting you from the NQT year.

    There is no reason otherwise. It is not an enjoyable qualification for which to study.

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