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What is the daily rate for a supply teacher?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by michie_49, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Hi, Im looking into doing some supply work next school year and was just wondering roughly what the daily rate was (out of london). Im currently M5. Just trying to get my finances in order to work out potentially how much I would be earning but I can't find much info on the net.
    Many Thanks

  2. Depends if you work via agency or LEA. Agencies have flat rates between 70-140 quid from what I can tell depending on where you live. Average is around 100 quid, mine is 105. My agencies is non negotiable but some are however a supply teacher I met at school the other week said that negotiating his own pay had pitfalls as to schools some wondered why he was so cheap compared to others etc. there are the AWRs meaning that 12 weeks in a school without a break of 6 weeks or more at a time means you get moved to scale pay but many agencies aren't offering long term contracts now because of this. Academies seem to have their own pay rates too. You can't really plan your finances on supply as nothing is guaranteed. You might get work every day or you might get a day a fortnight. Totally depends on your area, age phase etc. even my agency who got nexeork at a school in October until July couldn't foresee the school turning round last week and saying they couldn't keep me this term.
  3. Ho hum...it all depends?![​IMG]
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    M5 paid to scale, about £150 a day. However the trick these days is to a) find anyone who still pays to scale and b) find any supply work.

    I don't think any supply teacher is in a position to plan their finances at present. After two years of supply I'm certainly not.
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  5. Most work is. Ia agencies at the moment, even a school I worked at for many years will only book me through an agency. I am signed up with 3 to get the work I need. 2 pay £115 a day and the other £122.
    If you are flexible re: travel and the area you will cover there is work out there but it does tend to be seasonal.
  6. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    As far as I understand the Agencies in my area all agree to pay tops £100 some pay petrol or extra for special circumstances but not the norm. Also some pay holiday pay extra where as some say it is 'rolled up' into the £100.... I have to say this one seems to give me the most work. I used to work direct but like some of the other poster ... the schools now insist that they employ me via an Agency.... This is a total lack of professional support from your own fellow professionals and union members............... arguments for this is .... its quicker to get them from Agencies. I beg to differ on that one. Not great pay if you compare it to LEA pay but it is scaled down work and I consider it reasonable for what I am expected to do on daily supply.
  7. Hey, I'm in my sixth month of supply and have been getting regular work, at least 3 days a week and a couple of longer term stuff for 2 week periods at a time in one school. The pay from all the schools i've been in seems to swop and change depending on which school i'm in and which class i'm in. I get a range from £90 to £110 a day with most paying around £100 a day.
  8. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Because of agencies matching the money i get from the agency i signed up with first i get £115 on daily supply and £120 on long term. Thanks to AWR I'm now on £130 for my long term stuff now it's gone over 12 weeks, which was Jan for me.
  9. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Simple answer, there's no way one can 'plan' on supply! By it's very nature it's variable from day to day / month to month / year to year. The only month one can possibly say for certain is August-definitely no work possible at all!
    Soon I expect whatever scale you're currently on will have little effect. Agencies already set their own rates. Academies can set theor own pay and conditions and soon I expect the National Pay Scale will be non-existent.
  10. Thank you all for your help. I realise it is hard to plan but I just wanted to get an idea of the min and max I could earn and you have all helped in that so I really apreciate you taking the time to reply. Thanks again x
  11. Minimum.... nothing! Maximum.... paid to scale- but highly unlikely.
    For secondary: Work is generally very quiet in September/October and tends to pick up after autumn half-term. January through to Easter are OK and then work dries up completely after the summer half-term. There will be huge pressure for you to accept work as a cover supervisor rather than a supply teacher. Personally I would never accept CS work. far better to do one day a week for £100 than 2 days+ at £50 a day.
  12. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    This is only too true! Any major expense can be a gamble, I'm having to get a new car, part of the cost will go on finance, thankfully the garage will put me through as a teacher without the supply bit so it shouldn't be a problem. Also I'm doing some OU study and i'll be signing up for my new modules soon and i'll be mega crossing my fingers that work comes through in sept. IT's a gamble I know but I need to do the studying to get to where i want to be.
  13. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    I had no idea any of this went on. I've been supplying for years through several agencies and always paid to scale (which admittedly was only M1 or M2) and now doing casual supply for a school and still paid to scale.
    I have to be honest though, if I was to be paid less then I don't think that would be wrong. I think we all know that supply can be very hard work but even if I worked every day of a school year I wouldn't be working anywhere near as hard as colleagues with a permanent contract.
    For the record, I think supply is rather enjoyable and usually failrly easy but I trained to teach because I wanted to be a teacher and I am desperately looking for a job.
    MrsD xxx
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  14. I have been on supply since Feb - AWR kicks in next month so I will be paid to scale. In the meantime I am not on a permanent contract but have to do the same marking, report writing and meeting attendance at perm workers... for £100 a day, which works out less than M1. I think it is really wrong!!!!! Only light at the end of the tunnel is a possible 0.6 contract next year with a half TLR which if agreed and (it is early days) will pay me the same money I am on now for working three days a week and get me back adding pension contributions.
  15. I am with one agency that now pays teachers £85 per day for teaching and £65 for TA work; Having only been offered TA work, I would not think that all the aggro of teaching would be worth the extra £20.
  16. pob1888

    pob1888 New commenter

    I agree with you. You have nothing to do in the afternoon.

    I graduated last July and had 7 months supply in a school straight away in the north west of England where I got 110 per day, I then moved to London in Feb and signed up for a few supply agencies, in a two week period I only got 3 days work @ 120 per day. I then signed up for a new agency and they got me 3 months solid supply for 125 per day. I dont like being on supply - the money may be decent but you cant plan financially for long term.
  17. Would you care to give me a hint as to which agency gave you all the London supply work, Pob? I have had next to nothing in the last two years.
  18. The rate I've been given (NQT) is £70 a day for CS and £95 a day for teacher... quite low compared to what some of you are quoting...
  19. Ah ok, must have misread the info on here. I doubt I'll get teacher cover tho, as they're all asking for CS cover now..
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  20. My situation is much like yours. I have been on supply in the same school for the whole of the academic year. I am regarded by all staff, pupils and parents as the class teacher and I am expected to do the same marking, planning etc as permanent staff also. My pay of £80 a day hasn't increased at all and I get very little holiday pay, even though I tend to spend holidays marking and planning anyway. I absolutely hate working supply and would do anything for a permanent contract!

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