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What is the coolest lesson activity that you did in 2011 that I should use in 2012?

Discussion in 'History' started by histweb, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. HI,
    A New Year's reflective question: What was the coolest teaching activity you did in 2011 that I should use in 2012?

    One that I liked doing is this: When investigating the reasons for demonstrations in 1960's America with my lower ability class, we arranged and carried out a demonstrations with placards etc. They got fully into the spirit of things - we stormed other classrooms etc. The absolutely loved it - they loved seeing the shock on their friends faces as they stormed their classes with slogans, banners, etc.

    (some good acting was needed by the other teachers as, of course, this was pre-determined and calculated - a calculated but risky activity!)

    (for other activities that I did - click on my username 'histweb' and you can see what i have put into the TES resource bank)

    I am looking forward to your replies!!

    Happy NY
  2. Nice one :)

  3. GeeMarie

    GeeMarie New commenter

    I've literally just taught a lesson that was really good fun. Teaching Year 9 1920s America, this lesson was on the Monkey Trial of 1925. I wrote a script and divvied up parts. For my small group of 16 this was fine, for my big group of 30 I split them in two. Obviously I got the confident kids in the main roles, and I offered two merits to anyone brave enough to do an American accent (though today one child decided to be Italian. No one is sure why.) We did a few run throughs, then got up and rearranged the classroom. Two students from each group were the organisers, and they made the tables into a class/courtroom. We did a couple more practices, then performed it to each other. I keep meaning to film it for my portfolio- next time, I will make them do it again and film it I think! They got really into it, and they can be so funny. I didn't have time at the end of this lesson, but at the start of next lesson I'll recap what happened, and what it meant for 1920s America. I'll upload the script if I can figure out how. It's not exactly the stuff of Hollywood but it got the point across!
  4. WARM UP ACTIVITY THINGY: Yr6. Got four tables length wise on and joined together. Got kids to sit either side with metallic pencil cases. One kid to go under tables as the others bang their cases on table tops. Said kid has to crawl over and under out stretched legs to retrieve a piece of cloth. When child has completed task the class 'sign' their questions to him. It brought the cotton mill right into the classroom, along with the noise too.
  5. We re-enacted the Battle of Hastings with Year 7 on the school pitch...!
  6. That is a bit of a classic - but always a winner!!
  7. Stalins rise to power puppet shows at AS - pupils made scripts and puppets, acted it out and I filmed them to use for revision later. Also communist dating agency for women in Russia - a written activity in the book but we dressed up and filmed as dating agency videos. Great fun!

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