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What is the colour of happiness?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Anonymous, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    And cowardy custards and vomit. Blue makes me happy because it is my very best colour.
  2. I'm getting to like blue more .....particularly soft blues.
    I love reds and greens ........
  3. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    Yes, my immediate response was yellow as well when I saw the thread title.
    Interesting,though some shades are more appealing than others, it's by no means my favourite colour! Prefer orange and love jades and turquoises!
  4. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Mine too [​IMG]
    Not my favourite colour (quite like orange/purple/green at the moment) but I'd say if was the most significant colour for happiness. x
  5. kittylion

    kittylion Senior commenter

  6. I love emerald and topaz type colours [​IMG] They are my colours of happiness!
  7. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Red isn't just the colour of anger. If it was there'd be a lot of angry people on Valentine's Day. It can also be the colour of passion, luuuurve, and revolution.

    I think the colour of sand makes me happiest, which is a sort of yellow I suppose.
  8. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Pink is the colour of happiness, surely? But it says Orange is. The trouble I've had with my phone and Orange, it is not!!
  9. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    I always think of yellow as being the happiest colour [​IMG]
    I like red, orange and pink too.
    Come to think of it, I definitely like 'foody' colours best, so my favourite could never be blue.
    Does that make sense to anyone other than me?
  10. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    Yes, definitely. I could have added deep pink to the list in my earlier post. I acually like red as well.
  11. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Me too, pea green, aubergine, galingal, golden chips, rare beef, psb, creamy mashed potato etc

  12. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    Yes, it does since it's all about association really and the feelings that are evoked. At least that's my experience.

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