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What is the best certificate to teach English as a foreign language?

Discussion in 'English' started by Calverlan, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Hi all,
    Im a colleague from the Music department, I am planning to take a year out and teach english to support myself and hopefully get a job at recognised language centres.
    I thought of TEFL, however, i also know of DELTA, CELTA, TESOL, ESL certificates.
    Which one is the best, mostly sought out and professional?
    Thanks for all your help -
  2. Hi,

    I´m a TEFL teacher, currently working abroad in Nicaragua. I did a CELTA certificate, with International House. It was a 5 week course, which was very intensive. TESOL and CELTA are both TEFL qualifications. The two certificates are very similar, and I did the CELTA because it was the course available locally. Some of the modules are different, but as far as I'm aware, they are mostly the same. DELTA is a higher level course, which you can't complete without your CELTA or TESOL. Most of th ESL certificates advertised through companies such as I-to-I qualify you to work for (and pay a lot to) them. A lot of recognised language schools won't consider you with just the certificate.

    You haven't said whether you're planning to stay in the UK and teach, or go abroad. If you're going abroad, depending on where you're planning to travel, there are some places that would accept you purely on the fact that you're a teacher. In the UK, practically everywhere (even summer schools) will require you to be certified.

    Hope this helps, Reeze
  3. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Thanks a lot for this Reeze,
    Id like the whole of Europe as an area. So ideally will spend time away from UK for about a year and hopefully more.
    I can actually choose a board, however, Im a bit lost still. Do you say that with CELTA you have international recognition and could apply anywhere? TESOL you say is the same in terms of modules, and I suppose recognition? CELTA is indeed a financial investment judging the fees.
    Any other boards available then apart from CELTA AND TESOL? Is there a board called just TEFL? I heard from someone there are online accredited courses, but Im honestly not so sure it is true or a scam.
    Thanks a lot for all what you may be able to add to this. Appreciate it.
  4. The CELTA is the one which many reputable places ask for in Europe. Don´t bother with the online courses- they are expensive and not generally recognised or accepted.

  5. Sorry, was away in paradise, with no internet! But ditto what Penny said. Online courses aren't recognised by a lot of schools. My TESOL certificate was fine for all the positions I applied for. That said, adverts often list CELTA as their requirement, so if you have an idea of the area you're interested in working in, it might be worth sending some emails, just enquiring as to whether or not they will accept both certificates. Having compared notes with colleagues that did CELTA, rather than TESOL (also through International House schools), there really seems to be very little difference. As Penny says, the online courses can actually end up costing you more. They won't give you the same training that CELTA and TESOL provide, and don't give you the teaching hours that many schools require before giving you a job.
  6. oops, got my own certificate the wrong way round there! Effectively though, the two are the same. Minor curricular differences. For me, it was just a non decision really, just what was available locally.

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