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What is the best book on OCR Computing?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by wajed1990, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Is it OCR Computing for A Level? If so, I've read it doesn't cover all the subjects, so how do I study all the subject?

    Also, what programming languages can be used in OCR Computing exams? I want to use C/C++, is that allowed?
  2. The official OCR Computing for A Level book very much has its limitations. It is ok for an overview but I wouldn't rely solely on it. I try and supplement it as much as I can with my own materials and also use an electronic text book: A-Level Computing by Chris Leadbetter and Roger Blackford. It follows the syllabus point by point in a good level of detail (400+ pages). I can't find a link to it online but the author has a contact email address I will gladly pass on if you want to message me on here. If anyone has any other suggestions for books suitable for OCR AS/A2 Computing I too would be keen to hear them.

    There is no set programming language. The pseudocode in the AS F452 Unit is akin to BASIC. Questions where the candidate is required to give code can be answered using any procedural language so C/C++ will be fine. The A2 project can be written in any language. (I usually teach my students BBC Basic in preparation for the F452 and then immediately after spend a month converting them to C#.)
  3. I am equally disappointed by the complete lack of depth in the "official" OCR text. Would you kindly email me contact where I can get the electronic text book: A-Level Computing by Chris Leadbetter and Roger Blackford? Are there any plans to publish a proper text book do you know?
    Thanks a lot and would appreciate your help as exam season looms!

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